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Political Action
United for Peace and Justice
United for Justice with
Peace Boston
Citizens for Participation
in Political Action
American Friends New England
American Friends Boston
AFSC Events
Massachusetts Peace Action
RSVP Peace Boston
Boston Mobilization
Howard Dean's
Democracy for America
National Network to End the WarWomen Against War
Not in Our Name
International ANSWER
Stop the War (U.K.)

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Democracy Now
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Jerusalem Post
MiddleEast Times (Egypt)Arabic News
Al Manar TV Live Kaleej Times UAR
Lebanon Daily Star
Times of India
Outlook India

Pakistan Dawn
Frontier Post Pakistan
Pakistan Friday Times
Afghan Info Center
Afghanistan News
Afghan News Network
Afghan Magazine
Times of Central Asia
World News Asia
Moscow Times

Journalism and Media Criticism
Updated July 20, 2006!

Acme Media Education Coalition Acme Media Education/Reform Conference,
Burlington, Vermont, Oct 6-8
Stop Big Media Coalition
FreePress Center for Digital Democracy
Media Matters
MediaChannel.orgFairness and Accuracy
Danny Schecter News Dissector
Institute for Public AccuracyBill Moyers PBS Media
Monitoring Web Site
Media Criticism

Media Education Foundation People's Guide to the
2006 Telecommunications Act

Center for Public Integrity

Media Reform Activist Toolkit Orwell Rolls in His Grave
(DVD Media Documentary)

Media Venture Collective

Media Access Project Media Transparency
Federal Communications Commission
Robert McChesney's
Media Matters Podcasts
Reclaim the Media
Media Conference Podcast
Who Own's What
Media Corporation Ownership Podcasts
Online Journalism.comMedia Reform
Online Journalism Review
Common Cause
Project Censored
Media Criticism Links
Columbia Journalism Review
Center for Media and Public AffairsBenton Foundation
Citizen's Media Watch Forum
I Want Media
Take Back the Media
World Media Monitors
PR Watch
Chicago Media Watch
NOTE: Some of the above sites such as and the Institute for Public Accuracy have excellent daily or weekly emails with links to the best of the independent press and key articles on media monitoring. Highly recommended! Also recommended, Robert McChesney and John Nichols new book, Tragedy and Farce (They most regard as the premier site for media reform).

Alternative Press and the American Left
Common Dreams
Independent Media
Alternative News
The Nation
Znet - Left Media
Info Clearinghouse
Village Voice
The Progressive
Working For Change
Mother Jones
Socialist Worker
Jay's Leftist Directory
IGC Progressive Gateway
Noam Chomsky Archive
BuzzflashNews AlternativeTruthOut

Tikkuntalk - Tikkun
Boston Discussion Group

Arlington MA Democrats
Mass. Democrats
Women's Review of Books
Google NewsGroups
Psychohistory List

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