Tracy Marks' Photoshop Bookmarks

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Photoshop, see Windweaver Photoshop Seminars.

These bookmarks include:
A-F Adobe, Antialiasing, Books and Mags, Buttons, Classes, FAQs
L-Pa Layers and Channels, Links, Mailing Lists/Newsgroups, Palettes
Ph Photoshop: General, Photoshop:Windows
Pl -S Plugins and Filters, Scanning, Seamless Backgrounds
T Tips and Tricks, Transparent Gifs, Tutorials, Type
W Web Design and Photoshop Web Design: Optimizing Graphics

Plugins (filters, software)

20 Top Photoshop Plug-ins
Adobe's Plug-In Source
Graphix Software Plugins
Alien Skin Software (Eye Candy)

BoxTop Software Plug-ins for the Mac
BoxTop ColorSafe Photoshop Browser-Safe Palette Plugins

Digital Frontiers Compression Tools
Ditherbox Plug-In Palette Review
DS Design Web Graphics Plugins Cyberstore

HVS Plugins: Color GIF, JPEG, Web Focus
MetaCreations Bryce 3D
*Palette Express Palette Optimizer (trial; $39)
Plug-In Head at

Extensis Products
Extensis: Intellihance Web Color Optimizer
Extensis PhotoNavigator
*Extensis PhotoTools (3d Text)
*Ulead PhotoImpact Gif/Jpeg Smartsaver (trial; $39.95)
Ulead Web Plugins for Photoshop (trial; $)
Ulead Web Razor for Photoshop (trial)


Adobe Photoshop Filters and Resources
Filters and Plugins
Filters and Plugins
New Virtual Research - Free Photoshop Filters

Free Plug-Ins
Graphics Photoshop Plug-ins Clip Art
Graphics Utilities and Plugins
Photoshop Plugin Manager
Photoshop Plug-Ins
Photoshop Unplugged
Pshop plugins
The PlugPage
Pshop 4 Plugged In
Tools and Plug-ins

Scanning Photographs

Adobe Guide: Scanning Images
Adobe Guide: Halftones and Scanning
A Few Scanning Tips (new url)
CMP Scanner Tips and Techniques
Digital Image Guides: Scanning Tips
Guide to Desktop Scanners Scanner Toolkit

Netguide: How to Scan Photos
NEWSGROUP: comp.periphs.scanners
PIX Scanning Tips

Scanning at Infomedia Net
Scanning article- Computer Currents

Scanner FAQ at
Scanning FAQ at Infomedia Net
Scanning Links from Cyberramp
Scanning Links (Hong Kong)
Scanning Links from the Mining Company

Scanner Myths and Secrets
Scanning Photos for the Web
*Scanning Tips On-line

Scanning the Web

Tutorial on Scanning with Microtek, ScanMaker, Abaton
Ultimate Photoshop: ScanningWindows Magazine: General Scanning Tips
ZDnet: Boost your Scanning Savvy
Zdnet: Scanner Superguide
Zdnet: Scanner User

Seamless backgrounds

Andy's Seamless Backgrounds 2
Andy's Seamless Backgrounds tip
Create Seamless Pattern Tiles in Photoshop
Seamless Patterns from Scanned Objects
Tiling Backgrounds

Tips and Tricks
(see below for recent tutorials)

Adobe Photoshop Tips at Adobe
Art Lebedev's Professional Photoshop Tips
Dr. Ozone Photoshop Tips

Dronezone Photoshop Tips

Graphic Tips and Tricks
High contrast backgrounds and shadows
Image Alchemy's Tips
Noise in Photoshop
Photoshop and Corel Tips
Photoshop Professional Tips & Tricks

Photoshop Ticks on Trips
Photoshop Tips Database
Photoshop Tip of Today Archives
Wern´s Photoshop Tips


PlanetPhotoshop Tutorials
Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tutorials Resources
Free Photoshop Tutorials
Adobe Studio Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Roadmap Tutorials Tutorials list
Pegaweb Photoshop tutorials
Photoshop Tips and Tricks
McCanna's Photoshop Tips
Grafx Design Photoshop Tutorials
Free Photoshop Tutorials Links

Transparent gifs
Hands On; Transparency
Laurie McCanna's Tips - Create Transparent Gif in Photoshop
Transparent GIF FAQ

Transparent Image Resources
Transparent Gif Tutorial
WWW Authoring FAQ - Transparencies

PhotoImpact GIF Optimizer

Tutorials and Manuals
(see also Tips and Tricks)

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial, 1.2
Basics & Tutorials
Dr. K's Photoshop Tutorial Links
*Hands On Training by Doc Ozone

Pshop Basics
Photoshop Training Videos
Pshop Manual
Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorials at Graphx Design
Digital Media Graphics Training DVD-roms

Text and Type
Add Texture to Type
Embossed type in photoshop one, two, three
EZ Gold Text

Gold Metallic Text
Raised Text

Web graphics and Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Web Reference
Creating Great Web Graphics

Photoshop Web Style
Web style with Photoshop
Background Images
Bandwidth Conservation Society
Creating Great Looking 4 bit Colour, Gray-scale etc. Images
Dumbing down gifs for speed in photoshop
How to Optimize your GIF in Photoshop When Converting
How to shrink your GIF files for the web
Images on the Web

Optimize Photoshop for Web graphics

Optimizing Web and CD-ROM Graphics
Optimizing Web Graphics -
Optimizing Web Graphics: Compression - webreference
Optimizing Web Graphics: Tools, Tips - webreference
Optimizing Web Graphics: Color Palette? - webreference
Shaf's display management page -gamma
Tips on Making Images Load Faster
Web Review: Studio --Creating Better Graphics for the Web
Webmastering Image Editing Class

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