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Apache Female Puberty Ceremony
Apache Puberty Seminar Transcript

Iroquois Dreamwork and Spirituality
Iroquois MidWinter Festival
Iroquois Myths and Legends
Joanne Shenandoah's Iroquois Music

Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute Chief

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The Best Native American Link Centers
Hanksville site: Native American resources on the Net
        Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet (Hanksville)
Digital Librarian: Best Native American sites
Dusters Native American Links
Fourth World Documentation Project
Lisa Mitten's Native American Home Pages and Links
Native American Home Pages
Native Web
Native American Indian Resources
Shea's Native Place



Cherokee Communications, Inc.
Cherokee history
Cherokee Home Page
History of the Cherokee
Mexican Heritage Almanac
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians


Eastern Tribes miscellaneous

Lenni Lenape Historical Society & Museum
Mashpee Indian Culture
Mashpees of Cape Cod
Seminole Tribe of Florida


Education (Native)

American Indian Schools on the Web
B.C., Canada: First Nations Teaching
First Nations on SchoolNet: First Nations
Four Directions Indigenous Education
Heard Museum: Inventing the Southwest
Jerome and Deborah's Aboriginal Education Links
Native American K12 Navigator
Native American Young People's Page
SchoolNet Canada's First People Curriculum Resources
SchoolNet's First Peoples Educational Resources
Western Canada Native Sites Curricula

Events  (see also Powwows)

Native Events Calendar
New England Events and Powwows
North American Pow Wows and Native Events
Powwow Pages, Listings, & Other Events
Powwows and Festivals


A History of the NW Coast
American Indian Heritage Foundation
The Anasazi and Desert People
Anasazi  Ruins of the Southwest
Sipapu Anasazi Kiva Online

Compact Histories*
Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Life History Manuscripts from the Folklore Project
Lodge of CloudDancer
Native American Documents
Native American History Resources
N.A. Maps, Languages, Historical Sites
PBS: The West
Pocahontas Project
Pocahontas: Native Opinions on Pocahontas
The Original Native People

Iroquois: Oneida Indian Nation

Tracy's Iroquois Pages:
Iroquois Dreamwork and Spirituality
Iroquois MidWinter Festival
Iroquois Myths and Legends
Joanne Shenandoah's Iroquois Music

Akwesasne Task Force on the Environment
An Iroquois Celebration of Womanhood
Cross the River - Kahnawake and Kanien'kehaka People
Native American Home Pages - Nations
Native American Support Group of New York
NativeTech: Eastern Woodlands
Niagara Regional Native Centre
Six Nations




History of the Iroquois
The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations
The Iroquois Confederacy Information Section
Iroquois Confederacy Links


Iroquois literature
Iroquois Oral Traditions


Bravearrow's Mohican Nation Page
Kahon:wes' Mohawk & Iroquois Homepage Index
Kahon:wes's Mohawk Homepage Index
Mohawk History
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division
The Mohawk Nation
The Mohawk Valley Project: Kanatsiohareke


Oneida Indian Nation
Oneida Indian Nation of NY
Oneida Indian Nation Treaties Project
Oneida language project
Oneida Nation Home Page
Oneida Nation Story
Oneida Nation Cultural Center
The Dream Begins--Oneida Textile Printing

Related nations

Huron-Wendat Nation
Sac & Fox Nation


Seneca Nation of Indians
WolfClan Teaching Lodge and Seneca Indian Historical Society


The Singing Tuscaroras
Tuscarora Indian Owned Websites

Literature and Storytelling

Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Mother Earth Prayers
Native American Traditional Storytelling
SchoolNet Canada: Elders' Teachings
Storytellers: NA Authors Online
Voice of the Shuttle N.A. Literature


Music (see also Powwow)
Buffy st. Marie
Canyon Records
First Nations Music Inc.
Folk Lib Native American Artists Index
Joanne Shenandoah (highly recommended)
      also at Silver Wave Records
      and her home page
Tracy's Joanne Shenandoah's Iroquois Music
Native American Music links
Native American Music on the Net
R. Carlos Nakai
     record information
Rainbow Walker Native American Music
Tribal Music links


1996 Festivals and Powwows
1996 Powwows
Ben Marra Studios - Powwow art
California State University, San Marcos Pow Wow 1997
East Coast American Indian Powwows
Enjoy the beautiful photos of Pow Wow Dancer Paul Gowder.
Gathering of Nations Powwow
Great Lakes Powwows - Native American Celebrations of the Northeast
Lenni Lenape Historical Society & Museum Powwow List
Native American Dances
Native American Dancing
Native American Home Pages - Performers
Native American Home Pages - Powwows
Native American Powwows Around the Country
Native Powwows and Events in North America
North American Pow Wows and Native Events
Northeastern Pow Wows
Oneida Indian Nation Cultural Festival
Photos of Pow Wow Dancer Paul Gowder.
Pow Wow
Powwow Dancing
Powwow Music & Dance Traditions
Powwows and Festivals: Current Listings
The Powwow Edition: PHotography of Ben Marra
Powwow Sedona
Powwows and Festivals, and Sources for Indian Music
Southern Pow Wows
The Pow Wow Trail by Julia White
The Powwow Trail


Sami (Alaska, Finland, Siberia)

An introduction to the Sami people.
Inuit Art Foundation
Sami Association of North America



A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
American Indian (sd)
Lakota Information
Massacre at Wounded Knee
Myths and Legends of the Sioux (search here)
Sioux Heritage
Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe


SW Indian tribes

Guide to SW Indian Tribes
Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
Hopi Information Network
New Mexico
Pueblo Cultural Centers
Tribes on the Colorado Plateau
San Carlos Apache Cultural Center
The Children of Changing Woman
Zuni Links

Tracy's Apache sites:
Apache Female Puberty Ceremony
Apache Puberty Seminar Transcript

Apache Links (middle of page)

Tribes and Nations: Other

Specific Tribes:

Arctic Circle Peoples and Culture
Canadian First Nations
Cheyenne and Arapaho
Cheyenne Language Web Site
Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network

Inuit and Arctic Peoples
Lenni Lenape Historical Society & Museum
Nez Perce
Northwest Coast Native Cultures
Northwest Coast History

Indian Nations Links
Native American Nations
Native Nations
Native Web: Nations
PBS: The Native Americans
Specific Tribes
The Tribes


Native American Miscellany

Aboriginal Super Information Highway
Al Intra's N.A. Web sites
American Indian (sd)
American Indian Heritage Foundation
American Indian Studies
American Indian Women
Bill's Aboriginal Links
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Circumpolar & Aboriginal N. American WWW Virtual Library
Eagle Wing
Edward Curtis Collection
Indian World
Lords of the Earth
Mexican Heritage Almanac
NA Chat at
NA Indian Websites

NA Links
Native American - American Studies Web
Native American Links at Looksmart
Native American Home Page
Native American Indian--Culture, Education, Art, Science
Native American Indians
Native American Links
NA Maps and Historical Resources
Native American Net Server
Native American Resources at
Native American Resource Archives
Native American site

Native American Social and Cultural Sites and Organizations
Native American Who's Hot
Native Maps and GIS Windows to Tribal Info
Native North Americans
NativeTech--Native American Technology and Art
NMAI NA sites
Rick's Indian Stuff
The Dreamer (native)
Tribal Voice - Native American Resources
WWW Virtual Libraries: N.A./Indigenous

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