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Communicating Online : A Brief Guide to the Internet
Cyberfutures: Culture and Politics on the Information Superhighway
Cybergrll: A Woman's Guide tot he WorldWide Web
Cyberville: Clicks, Culture and the Creation of an Online Town
Cyberspace: The Human Dimension
Deeper: My Two-Year Odyssey in Cyberspace
Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century
Exploring the Internet : A Cyberspace Odyssey
Fractal Dreams: New Media in Social Context
High Noon on the Electronic Frontier : Conceptual Issues..

Internet Dreams: Archetypes, Myths, and Metaphors
Irc & Online Chat
Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet
Resisting the Virtual Life (1995)
The Emperor's Virtual Clothes : The Naked Truth About Internet Culture
The Harvard Conference on the Internet & Society
The Soul of Cyberspace : How New Technology Is Changing...
The Soul of the Internet : Net Gods, Netizens and the Wiring...
The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age
The Women's Guide to the Wired World
Zeroes and Ones: Digital Women and the New Technoculture


          Hyperculture: The Human Cost of Speed
          Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents
In Search of Digital Excellence
The Death of Distance
Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way...
Data Smog : Surviving the Information Glut
InfoFobia: How to Survive in an Information Society
Release 2.0: Design for Living in the Digital Age
Trapped in the Net: Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization
Technostress: Coping with Technology

Design (Web Graphics)

+Design top books
Creating Killer Interactive Web Sites : The Art of Integrating Interactivity and Design
Creating Killer Web Sites : The Art of Third-Generation Site Design
Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition
Designing Web Graphics 2
Designing Interactive Web Sites
Elements of Web Design
Graphics & Web Page Design (Laura Lemay's Web Workshop)
Laura Lemay's Guide to Sizzling Web Site Design
The Non-Designer's Web Book : An Easy Guide to
              Universal Web Design
Web Concept & Design : A Comprehensive Guide
Web Page Design : A Different Multimedia
Web Pages that Suck

+Graphics top books

Creating Great Web Graphics
Creating Your Own Web Graphics
Lynda Weinman's Web Graphics Resource Library
Preparing Web Graphics
Redesigning Print for the Web
Web Graphics Sourcebook
Web Graphics Tools and Techniques


          Creating Web Pages for Dummies (Smith, Beback and Smith)
          HTML for Dummies (Tittle, James and James)
          HTML for Dummies Quick Reference (Ray, Ray and Ray)
          HTML for the World Wide Web (Castro)
          Html Sourcebook: Complete Guide to HTML and HTML Extensions (Graham)
          Html: The Definitive Guide (Musciano and Kennedy)
          Inside Dynamic Html (Microsoft Programming Series)
          Teach Yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 Hours (Oliver)
          The Project Cool Guide to HTML (Martin and Davis)
Web Developer.Com Guide to Dynamic Html

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Version 4.0 (Classroom in a Book)
Adobe Seminars: Web Page Design
Creating Cool Photoshop 4 Web Graphics
Photoshop Type Magic 1
Photoshop Type Magic 2
Photoshop Web Magic
The Photoshop Wow Book
Plug-In Smart
Real World Photoshop*

FORTHCOMING Photoshop 5.0
Teach Yourself Photoshop 5.0 in 21 Days (Clark - SAMS)
Teach Yourself Photoshop 5.0 in 24 hours (Rose -SAMS)  AVAILABLE!
Photoshop 5 with CdRom (Xenakis and London)
Photoshop 5 Type Magic (Simsic)
Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (Adobe)
Inside Adobe 5 (Bouton and Bouton)
Photoshop 5 for MacIntosh (Weinmann)
Using Photoshop 5 (Banick - QUE)

Education: Students
Casting Your Net: A Student's Guide to Research on the Internet
College Connections Web Directory
Homeschool Guide to the Internet
Prentice Hall Directory of Online Education Resources
The Research Paper and the World Wide Web

Education: Instructors
Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web
Educating With the Internet: Using Net Resources at School and Home
The Educator's Guide to the Internet: A Handbook With Resources and Activities
Educator's Guide to the Web
Internet Directory for Teachers (1st Ed)
Net Lessons: Web-Based Projects for your Classroom
Prentice Hall Directory of Online Education Resources
Social Studies Resources on the Internet: A Guide for Teachers

Ed and Nancy Kleiman's Choices
The Mind-Map book by Toni Buzan

Databases on the Web: Designing and Programming for Network Access
Databased Backed Web Sites
Database Publishing with Filemaker Pro on the Web
Developing Databases for the Web and Intranets
Internet Database Development for Windows and NT
Intranet and Web Databases for Dummies
Web Database Construction Kit
Web Database Primer Plus

Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation (Voorhis)
                    more information at Anderson Publishing
 Correctional Counseling and Treatment (Kratkosci)
Correctional Case Management (Enos, Southern)
Correctional Assessment Casework and Counseling (Walsh)

Internet Training and Consulting


National Business Employment Weekly Guide to Self-Employment
Start Your Own Information Broker Service
The Information Broker's Handbook

+Web business


Adams Streetwise Independent Consulting: Your Comprehensive Guide
Building Your Own Consulting Business (Serial)
Flawless Consulting : A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
Going Solo : Developing a Home-Based Consulting Business
The Computer Consultant's Guide : Real-Life Strategies....

Building Your Own Web Conferences
Costing and Pricing in the Digital Age:Practical Guide for Information Services
Guerrilla Marketing Online : The Entrepreneur's Guide
How to Build an Internet Service Company
Pricing Guide for Web Services: How to Make Money on the Info. Data Highway
Secrets of Successful Web Sites : Project Management on the WWWeb
The Contract and Fee-Setting Guide for Consultants and Professionals
The Geek's Guide to Internet Business Success
Your Internet Web Site With Top Positioning Promotion
Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web
Online Marketing Handbook : How to Promote,

+Writing and Teaching

Connections : A Guide to On-Line Writing
Cyberwriting : How to Promote Your Product or Service Online
Money for Writers : Grants, Awards, Prizes, Contests, Scholarships...
Writing for New Media : The Essential Guide to Writing
Creating the Virtual Classroom : Distance Learning
Teaching On-Line : Internet Research, Conversation
The Internet Trainer's Total Solution Guide
Web-Teaching: A Guide to Designing Interactive Teaching
Writer's Internet SourceBook

Lea's Choices
           The Truth About the Truth - Anderson
           Introducing Postmodernism - Appignanesi


Cybercafes - A Worldwide Guide for Travelers
Cybergrrl : A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web
The African American Resource Guide to the Internet and Online

Relationships and Cyberpsychology

Beyond Cybersex : Charming Her Online, Meeting Her Offline
It Had to Be You (Love Stories, No 10)
The Little Book of Online Romance : How to Find It, How to Keep
Love Bytes (Cafe , No 1)
Love, Lies and the Internet
Love Online: A Practical Guide to Digital Dating
Men Are From Cyberspace
Netlove: The 75 Most Erogenous Zones in Cyberspace
Online Friendship, Chat-Room Romance and Cybersex
Online Seductions: Falling in Love with Strangers
Romancing the Net: A 'Tell-All' Guide to Love Online
Throbbing Modems
Virtual Communities Companion
Virtual Spaces: Sex and the Cyber-Citizen
The Internet Guide for Human Resources Dec 1998
Women's Wire Web Directory


Browse / Computers / Internet & World Wide Web / New to the Net
Discover the World Wide Web (Six-Point Discover Advantage)
Dummies 101 : The Internet for Windows (--For
Getting Connected : The Internet at 56K and Up
Internet Catalog for Windows
Learn Internet Relay Chat
Learning Guide to the Internet
More Internet for Dummies (3rd Ed)
Official Earthlink Beginner's Guide to the Internet
Rules of the Net: On-Line Operating Instructions for Human Beings
Setting Up an Internet Site for Dummies (For Dummies)
Small Business Internet Directory for Dummies (For Dummies)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet
The Internet 1997 Unleashed
The Internet for Dummies (4th Edition)
The Internet for Dummies : Starter Kit Edition (--For Dummies)
The Internet for Dummies Quick Reference (For Dummies)
          The Web After Work for Dummies (For Dummies)

Tracy's Transformational Astrology books (1980s)
(all also orderable from Tracy Marks)
Art of Chart Interpretation
Astrology of Self-Discovery
Planetary Aspects: From Conflict to Cooperation
Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Twelfth House

1996 Books (out of date?)
Business, Government, & Legal Resources on the Internet : A
Hook Up, Get Hired! : The Internet Job Search Revolution1995
The Book Lover's Guide to the Internet
The Internet Research Guide : A Concise, Friendly, and Practical July 1996

W95 Best
Microsoft Windows 98 Official Preview Kit
Windows 95 for Dummies (2nd Edition)  
Windows 95 Secrets (4th Ed) (1997)
Windows Annoyances

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