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Classical Gas           You've Got a Friend          Here Comes the Sun
MacArthur Park       Joy to the World               Feelings
You've Made Me So Very Happy         Unforgiven (Metallica)
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Quality Sound Collections
These sites are reputed to have the best high quality midi.

2001 Midi Home Page
enny's Midi Collection
Best Midi File Pages (Links)
Best of the Web MIDI Library
Bill's Best MIDI Files
Best Midi on the Net
Bjorn's MIDI and Module
Brian's High Quality MIDI
Top Twenty
Dogbyte's MIDI Archive
George's Funky Hole
Gertrude's Midi Collection (listening only)
Heaven - MIDI Network

High Quality Midi Archive Ifni Midi Archive
Kenneth's Best of the Best
Kmel Midis
Mich-Web MIDI
Michi-Web at
MIDI Extreme
Midi Floor
MIDI Parlour
Midi Parlour (shinboro)
Midi Studio
Midiworld Awards
Music Shoppe Quality Midi
Svein Tore's MIDI Site

Top 20 (or so) MIDI
Top 50 Mid's
Trucker Jim's Musical Extravanza
Valkhorn Quality Midis
Very Best MIDI
Web Thumper's MIDI Page
World Wide MIDI - The Best MIDI Files Online

Other Collections

Claude Ciari Midi World
Enchante's Midi Sampler's MIDI Collection
Gandalf's Midi Collection
Garrett's Original Midi Music
General MIDI Files
Glenn's Midi Files
Hans Midi and Karaoke
Josh's Mega Midi Archive
Kwest Midi Archives (large)
Laura's Midi Heaven (large) 
Mario's Ultimate MIDI Page
Mid Mid Midi
Midi Archive
MIDI - Latest & Greatest
MIDI & Karaoke Files
MIDI Central
Midi Composers' Exchange (original)
*MIDI Farm Internet (huge)

Midi Haven (large)
MIDI Home Page
MIDI Kingdom
Midi Light Music
Midi Lounge
Midi Song Files

Midi Web Ring (295 sites)
Midi World
MidiWorld International
MIDI Zone MIDI Files
Mike Peterson's MIDI Page
Skip's Eagle Nest (A-Z at bottom)

Super Midi Site
The MidiCity
Todd Rundgren Midi Files
Ultimate MIDI Collection
Vikram's MIDI-Fest (large)
Windows MIDI
Zala's Midi Zone

+Links only

Best Collections
Betty's Favorite Midi Links
Complete Midi File Directory (huge)
Crescendo Midi Ring
Featured Midi Links
IMP Web Midi Composers Links
Jim's Midi Links (large)
Largest collections of Midis

MIDI links
Midi links
Midi Links at Servtech
Midi Links at Midiworld
Midi Resources (Netherlands)

MidiMania Webring  List of Sites
Midi Webring
Midi Webrings (more) 
Midi Webring Home Page
Monster MIDI Downloadable File Links MusicLink  
Original Midi Composers
Sources of Midi Files
Sources of Midi Files (Harmony) Standard Midi Files on the Net
Top Midi Sites: Links
Music Shoppe Midi Sites Search Engine
Yahoo Midi Links

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