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Also known as Markowitz and Marcovici (conflicting reports from different
relatives). Hermann Marcovitz and Pauline (also known as Paula and nicknamed
Pepe) Rosenthal immigrated separately to the U.S. from Yasse, Romania at the
beginning of the 20th century. They met and married in Key West, Florida.


markovitz.jpg (38029 bytes)

Circa 1916. Above, the Markovitz family of Key West, Florida. Pepe and
Herman Marks are at left. Young Paul is sitting crosslegged at center
right, with sister Evelyn behind him. To his left are his brother Max and his
sister Rose. Patriarch Jacob Markovitz is behind him. Also pictured
above are Herman's brothers and their wives. The only ones I know
by name are Izzie (Isadore) Marks, Kate Marks, and Bertha Wall (who
married one of the many Markovitz' brothers)


paul.jpg (25927 bytes)Paul in naval uniform during
World War II, in 1943. His
sister Rose is to his left, next
to his father Herman and his
mother Pepe.

The Frames
The Marks