Matthews and Zavozin
Evening with Champions 2004, 2005
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ice dance figure skating
ice dance figure skating
ice dance figure skating

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Morgan Matthews and Max Zavozin

Morgan Matthews was born May 21, 1987 in Chicago. When she was only 3, she saw a skating performance of the Nutcracker on Ice, and fell in love with the costumes. By age six, she became enamored with ice skating, and began to develop her skills. Unable to find an adequate partner, and under the mentorship of Natalia Mishketenok (who encouraged her to become a pairs skater), she and her family relocated to Colorado Springs, where she sold her homemade lollipops in order to help her family raise money for her skating. In Colorado Springs, Christopher Dean and his wife Jill Trenary influenced Morgan to pursue ice dance, and helped her find her partner, Max.

Max Zavozin was born March 2, 1985 in Mosow. His parents were renowned Russian ice dancers, Elena Garanina and Igor Zavozin, who won many international competitions durings the 70s and early 80s and performed in dozens of ice shows. Although Max traveled to figure skating competitions and shows with his parents and trained in ballroom dancing, he did not seriously pursue ice skating until he was 13, but he could not find an ice dance partner. Living with his family in Florida, Max traveled to the U.S. Nationals in Boston in 2001, where he met Morgan. He knew immediately that they were right for each other. In their first season, they won the bronze medal in novice ice dance at the 2002 U.S. figure skating championships.

In December 2005, Max received his U.S. citizenship, which makes him eligible to compete with Morgan in the next 2010 Winter Olympics if they qualify as a top U.S. ice dance team. They already are.....

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