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Helen of Troy, was previously Helen of Sparta. The most beautiful woman in ancient Greece, was married to Menelaus, king of Sparta and brother of Agamemnon. However Paris, Prince of Troy was awarded Helen by Aphrodite, as a result of choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess at the Judgment of Paris. He then abducted Helen and brought her to Troy.

Because all the previous suitors of Helen had pledged their loyalty to her chosen husband (and perhaps because Greece was eager to lay claims to the rich mineral resources of Troy and its enviable trading position as a gateway to Asia), a large army sailed to Troy to battle the Trojans and reclaim her. For ten years, Helen of Sparta, now Helen of Troy, now lived in Troy, while the Greeks and Trojans battled in the Trojan War.

Throughout history, Helen has been blamed for the Trojan war - as Pandora was blamed for the opening the box that released the ills that beset mankind, ands Eve was blamed for Adam's eating of the apple, and the expulsion from Eden.

But was Helen at fault? Did she willing elope with Paris, or was she kidnapped against her will? And was not Paris truly the perpetrator of the Trojan War, as a result of abducting the most prized woman of Greece at a time in which Greek/Trojan relations were tenuous at best? Or did the fault reside in Priam, king of Troy, for not returning her to the Greeks when they demanded her return?

Helen of Troy Mini-Series
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Helen's Lament poem by Tracy Marks


Conflicting Views on Helen: 
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Helen at Greek Mythology Link 
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About Helen


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Helen and her Impact

Helen of Troy  

Helen of Troy

Women's History Helen of Troy Links

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Helen of Troy
in Poetry, Literature and Film

Sarah Teasdale's Helen of Troy poem:


Euripides' Helen
More at:  http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~loxias/helen.htm

And Euripides on Helen in Egypt:

Helen to Paris letter, Ovid's Heroides
(in process of translation)

From Helen by H.D.

Robert Wise's Helen of Troy Movie:
Helen of Troy
(Film pictures on this page are borrowed from this site)

Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.,  Directed by: Robert Wise
Starring Rossana Podesta as Helen, Jack Sernas as Paris, Stanley Baker as
Achilles, Niall MacGinnis as Menelaus, Cedric Hardwicke as Priam, Robert
Douglas as Agamemnon, Torin Thatcher as Ulysses, Harry Andrews as
Hector, Janette Scott as Cassandra, Brigitte Bardot as Andraste

And please do read my Helen of Troy poem, Helen's Lament!



Helen of Troy Paintings

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(previously at http://www-lib.haifa.ac.il/www.art):
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Helen of Troy in Fiction
H. Rider Haggard & Andrew Lang, The World's Desire (1890)
John Erskine, The Private Life of Helen of Troy (1925)
Edward Lucas White, Helen (1925)
Eva H. Hansen, Scandal in Troy (1956)
Kevin Mathews, Helen of Troy (1965)
Miranda Seymour, The Goddess (1979)

And please do read my Helen of Troy poem, Helen's Lament!

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