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CHECK THIS OUT: Not a historical novel, but relevant to those of us
interested in recreating ancient worlds --

VIRTUAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Recreating Ancient Worlds
edited by Maurizio Forte and Alberto Silotti
published 1997 by Harry Abrams publishing

Cyberculture's Editor says:
Using computer reconstructions of many of the world's most fascinating archaeological
sites, the editors show us just how much cybertechnology adds to our understanding of
lost worlds.... Forte and Siliotti's gorgeous oversize volume displays these cybermodels
alongside the stories of the discoveries themselves. The book shows many lifelike and
stunning representations of long-lost  places....Virtual archaeology allows for three-
dimensional models to maintain details of the entire site in easily accessible cyberspace.
Beautiful to look at and awe-inspiring to read....

Included: 70 ancient ruins, including Rome, Pompeii, Greece, Cahokia, Stonehenge.


Ancient Mysteries

Anthropology and Archaeology Links

Anthropology and Archaeology Links

Archaeology Links

Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology on the Net Webring sites;list

ArchNet Educational Resources

Buried Cities and Lost Tribes

Center for the Study of the First Americans
The Mammoth Trumpet
First American Research Resources

Early Man: Hominid, Neanderthal

Human Origins and the Development of Culture
Man and the Sacred  AND

Maya Quest

Megalithic Mysteries

National Geographic


Paleo-Psychology: Signs of Consciousness

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The Anthropology Human Origins Site


WWWVirtual Library Anthropology

Prehistoric Art

Prehistoric Art

The Astonishing Creativity of Prehistoric People

The Earliest Images

500+ Native American and Native American art bookmarks 
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Also a (not-updated) online bookmark file on the Iroquois:

See also:

Anasazi Ruins of the Southwest

Ancient World Web: North America

Chaco Canyon Photography

First Nations Histories

Illinois State Museum Online Exhibits

Internet Resources for First Americans Research

Lisa Mitten's Native American Sites

Native American Resources on the Net

Native American Nations

Native American Navigator K-12

Native Tech Internet Links

North American Indian Art, Culture, History Gateway

This week in North American Indian History

WebWeaver's North American Archaeology Links

Highly recommended: Microsoft's 500 Nations cdrom!

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