Modern Greece Map    

This map of modern Greece originated at the University of Texas Perry-Castaneda Map Library
It is not copyright-restricted. More modern Greece maps can be found here and here.

Modern Greece is on the southern Balkan Peninsula, and includes hundreds of islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas. It is bordered by Albania and Macedonia to the north, and Bulgaria and Turkey to the east.

Highlights of Modern Greek History
1896 The first modern Olympic Games in Athens
1897 The Greek-Turkish War
1912 Italy occupies the Dodecanese
1923 The Treaty of Lausanne is signed
1924 Greece becomes a republic
1940 Greece goes to war against Italy
1941 Greece goes to war against Germany
1941-1944 Germans occupy Greece; Greeks resist
1948 The Dodecanese Islands are reclaimed by Greece
1967 Military coup in Greece
1974 Democracy is restored; Turkey invades Cyprus
1981 Greece joins European Union
1981 Socialist government under Papandreou
1999 Major earthquakes; Greece/Turkey ally in mutual aid
2004 New Democracy leader Kostas Karamanlis becomes Prime Minister


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