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The above images are adapted (cropped, optimized, sharpened etc.)
from images one posted on Brian Yoder's Maxfield Parrish gallery


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Frederick Parrish, later known at Maxfield Parrish, was born in Philadelphia in 1870. During his early artistic career, he was an illustrator, but after contracting tuberculosis then undergoing a nervous breakdown in 1900, he began focusing on oil painting. Using layers of thin transparent oil and varnish, he became renowned for the magical luminosity and romanticism of his paintings. Achieving considerable distribution for his art work in magazines and books, Parrish also expanded to prints and calendars, which further cemented his reputation as a popular and talented artist.

Most of this life, Maxfield Parrish lived in New Hampshire, where he most preferred to paint landscapes. He died in 1966, thirteen years after the death of his wife, from whom he was estranged for fifty years. His mistress and model, Sue Lewin, a source of inspiration to him since 1904, died in 1966.