Finding Our Personal Sources of Inspiration
copyright 1989 by Tracy Marks
published in Women of Power magazine, winter 1989-90

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Afterwards, consider:
1) What kinds of experiences fulfill you? How would you categorize your primary sources of inspiration, meaning/fulfillment?
2) How might you NAME the personal Muses associated with these experiences in your life?
3) What is your life history in regard to your peak experiences?At what times in your life were you most fulfilled? How have your sources of fulfillment changed?
4) What sources of meaning/satisfaction have been missing from your
life? What areas of life have you yet to explore?
5) To what extent are you creating fulfilling experiences now? What sources of fulfillment are present? Which ones are noticeably missing from your life?
6) How do you want to create greater fulfillment now? What kinds of experiences (and which of your Muses) do you wish to invite life now?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR 1989 (from Women of Power)
Tracy Marks, M.A. is an Arlington, Mass. psychotherapist, group leader,
astrologer and writer. She is author of eight books, (including Your Secret
Self and Astrology of Self-Discovery) and a book-in-process entitled The
Path of the Heroine. Currently, Tracy's greatest enthusiasm is her
"Becoming Your Own Heroine" women's program, as well as her groups in
journal writing and dreamwork. Information regarding her books, counseling
and teaching may be obtained by writing her at (new address updated
2012) 22 Drake road, apt. G, Arlington, MA 02476

Tracy Marks (Torrey Philemon at Ancient Sites, in the Athens
community is now an Internet and Photoshop trainer as well as web
designer. Some of her own websites include:
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