Favorite Prehistoric
and Native American Novels
compiled by  Tracy Marks with the assistance of
Torrey Philemon and Tika Yupanqui at Ancient Sites

Prehistoric Novels by Kathleen and Michael Gear
Prehistoric Novels by Margaret Allan
Prehistoric Novels by Jean Auel
Native American Novels
Other Recommendations
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PreHistoric Novels by Margaret Allan
The Mammoth Stone by Margaret Allan
 Because of her strangely colored eyes, Maya is cast out by her own
people. With the help of a shaman friend and her mate, she learns the
powers and secrets of the Mammoth Stone.
COMMENT: This novel IS out of print, but is the first in the series
which follows.

Keeper of the Stone by Margaret Allan
New American Library, 1994, ON SALE
In this sequel to The Mammoth Stone (now out of print) Maya, shaman and
keeper of the stone, ostracized from her people, struggles to fulfill her destiny.

The Last Mammoth by Margaret Allan
Signet, 1995, ON SALE
The final novel in the Mammoth Trilogy, young Rising Sun, ignorant of his
divine birthright, seeks to recover the Mammoth Sun to fulfill a holy prophecy
and save his people.

Spirits Walking Woman  by Margaret Allan
Onyx Books, January 1998, ON SALE
In the ancient Olmec Culture of Mexico, Spirits Walking Woman,
who possesses the gift of prophecy, struggles with the demands of her life
as wife of a warrior king, and the plotting against her of her revengeful sister.
COMMENT: Well-done, except for some of the melodramatic
characterizations of the sister.

Prehistoric Novels by JEAN AUEL

Note: I am not an ardent fan of Jean Auel, despite her popularity. I tire of her
plots continually revolving around men and women's inability to communicate
with each other. However, some of her novels are quite good...and certainly
better than Linda Shuler's......

Jean Auel's Earth Children

Jean Auel

Earth's Children.com

Sana's Earth Children's Playground

Prehistoric and Native American novels
by William Sarabande

His First American series is excellent:
Some recommended ones which are still in print:
Beyond the Sea of Ice
Corridor of Storms
Forbidden Land
The Sacred Stones
Walkers of the Wind
Thunder in the Sky
Shadow of the Watching Star
The Edge of the World


Native American Novels
Song of the Wolf
by Rosanne Bittner
Bantam Books, 1992, on sale
Rosanne Bittner's Web page            Interview
A touching, heartfelt portrait of a Cheyenne woman with healing abilities
and unique sensitivity, who experiences kidnapping, a miraculous vision,
a daring rescue, and a once-in-a-lifetime love.
COMMENT: Rosanne Bittner is known as a romance writer. This
novel, however, is not mere potboiler romance. It is a moving,
historically researched novel of the Cheyenne.

Legend Makers
by Kate Cameron
Ballantine Books, 1995, on sale.
A story of the Calusa and Timucua people of 16th century Florida,
focusing on several characters, including as well as Dancing Egret,
who becomes Singer of Legends, the African trader Kwambu, and
Moon of Winter, who take a stand to protect their tribes against
Spanish explorers.

Beyond the Stars
by David William Ross
Avon Books, 1991, on sale
Well-written, engaging novel of the Sioux Indians.
COMMENT: Highly recommended!

Light a Distant Fire
by Lucia St. Clair Robson
Novel of the Seminole Indians of Florida
COMMENT: Ok, but Orenda, her novel of the Iroquois is better.
Too bad it's out of print!

Ride the Wind
by Lucia St. Clair Robson
Ballantine, 1992, on sale
Based on the actual life of Cynthia Parker, Ride the Wind is the story
of Nocona, a Comanche warrior and Naduah, a white woman captured
as a young girl in Texas.  Emotionally engaging, romantic, heartwarming,
COMMENT: Rave reviews by many readers!

Walk in My Soul
by Lucia St. Clair Robson
Ballantine, 1992, on sale
Another historically authentic story, chronicling the life of Tiana,
a Cherokee woman, and her relationship with Sam  Houston.



Caitlin Morna of Ancient sites recommends Don Coldsmith's series.
The first is Trail of the Spanish Bit.  Many of Coldsmith's books are
out of stock, but Amazon.com still carries a dozen or so....including
Bearer of the Pipe,  Track of the Bear and Changing Wind.
Two of the most recent are Medicine Hat and TallGrass.

Sue Harrison, author of Mother Earth, Father Sky and My Sister, The
Moon has a web site at http://www.sueharrison.com/

Patricia Rowe, author of Keepers of the Dawn and Children of the
Misty Time has a Prehistoric Novel Web site at:

The site entitled IF YOU LIKE JEAN AUEL.... mentions these authors:
Margaret Allan       Amanda Cockrell    Barbara Dolan
Kathleen O'Neal Gear     Sue Harrison       Lynn Armistead McKee
Ardath Mayhar     Mary Mackey        F. J. Pesando
Charlotte Prentiss      Patricia Rowe      Theresa Scott
Linda Lay Shuler       Joan Wolf

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