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Movie: NBC's The Odyssey    Poetry 
Discussion, Chat, Mailing Lists
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Movie: NBC's The Odyssey
"Odyssey, The" (1997)
NBC: The Odyssey
NBC: The Odyssey: Mythological Moments
NBC:  The Odyssey: Outtakes from Olympus
NBC:  The Odyssey: Premiere Chat
Online NewsHour Forum: The Odyssey
The Odyssey -Ancient/Classical History

Discussion, chat, mailing lists
Homer campfire chat
Homer Lecture Hall

Other Odyssey literature
Apollodorus Summary
Epic Syllabus
Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, Homerica
Oudeis: Online Odyssey Drama

Homer's The Odyssey: Papyri
Homeric Questions Part VI
Oudeis - A World Wide Odyssey
Return of Odysseus and the 
        Elements of Euclid

Not Understood Of-Homer-by-helmut
Lisa's Poetry List
The Classical Poetry Port

The Odyssey Cdroms, Games, Quizzes

Homer's The Odyssey CD-ROM Prototype
Odyssey Game - Choose your character
Wrath of the Gods

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Calypso's Isle
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