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Background: General
Achaean Leaders - Table

Epic Cycle
Homer's Greece
Homeric Questions - Discovery of Troy
Iliad, Mythological Bckgnd, 

          Classics 110, U. of Sask.
Odyssey - Background
Odyssey Background -Detailed

Iliad chats at Fab.Bibliotheca

Background: Trojan war

AITLC Guide to the Trojan War
Guide to the Trojan War
Homer Home Page: The Trojan War
Reconstruction of Trojan Horse: Image
The Fall of Troy (Smyrnaeus)
The Fall of Troy a Multimedia Journey
The Legend of the Trojan War
The Trojan Cycle
The Trojan War
Trojan War
Trojan War, Greek Mythology Link.
Troy Story 1996

Trojan Horse
     Horse Entering City of Troy
     Lefever The Trojan Horse
     Tiepolo Building of Trojan Horse

Greek Myths 
Characters of Greek Myth
Classical Greek Mythology
Classical Myth: Ancient Sources
Classical Mythology Links
Classics Course: Greek Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica
Genealogical Guide to Greek Myth
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology Link
Homeric Gods, Class110, U.Saskatchewan
Mortal and Immortal Relationships: Gr.Epics
Poseidon's Greek Mythology


Guided Web Tour of Homer's Greece
Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns
History of Homer
Homer Home Page
Homer image
HOMER Live Chat
Homer map
Safe Haven - Homer
Safe Haven - Homer Quotes
The Homer Homepage LINKS!

Images: Miscellaneous
(see also other categories)

*Images: Greek Mythology Link
*Study Guide for Homer's Odyssey
*The Trojan War Myth in Ancient Art
Arts inspired by the Odyssey (Petra's page)
Search Images: Classical Antiquity
Odyssey: 3d graphics

Waterhouse: Ulysses and the Sirens
Waterhouse: Circe Offering Cup to Ulysses
Waterhouse:   Penelope and the Suitors
Bulfinch's  Ch30, The Return of Ulysses

      Phaeacians,Fate of the Suitors.
Caskey-Beazley:Attic Vase Paintings,
       Museum of Fine Arts Boston 98.887
Fall of Troy, Return of Odysseus: Images
Images of Troy and the Odyssey
Petra Stuyvesant's Odyssey Page at A.S.

   Homecoming: Images
    The Suitors Feasting
    Odysseus Revenge
    The Suitors image

Ships and Maps: The Journey

Books - Art - Maps
Homeric Geography Map
Odysseychron Chronological order
          of Odysseus Journey
Travels of Odysseus
Locations of Odysseus' Journey
Map of the Underworld

Ships of the Ancient Greeks
Ships of the Ancient Greeks: Images
Ancient Greek Boating and Sailing
Greek Ships: Nautical Archaeology

ODYSSEY: Study guides etc.
Bulfinch Ch29 Lotus Eaters, Cyclopes,

           Circe, Sirens, S& C, Calypso
Bulfinch Ch30 Return of Ulysses, Phaeacians
           Fate of the Suitors
Classics 160: Epic Tradition Study Course
Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
Odyssey Questions
Odyssey StudyGuide
Fitzgerald Study Guide to Odyssey

Penguin Classics Teaching Guide: Odyssey

Poseidon's Odyssey Synopsis
Essay Topics on Odyssey

Odyssey Summary
Ring Structure-Odyssey Bks 9-12
The Fall of Troy and Return of Odysseus
The Odyssey - Book One - Detailed 
The Odyssey for Schoolchildren

The Odyssey Homepage
The Odyssey Teacher's Guide
Virtual Odyssey: Detailed Summary
Notes on the Odyssey
Wanderings of Odysseus Study Guide
Teachers Tips: Teaching the Myths
Introduction to Latin Epics
Petra Stuyvesant's Odyssey links

And a great find discovered by
Petra Stuyvesant:
Jean Houston's online Odyssey Forum
(related to The Hero and the Goddess)
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