About Belbin and Agosto

Tanith Belbin was born July 11, 1984 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and became a U.S. citizen by an act of Congress on December 31, 2005, in order to represent the U.S. in the 2006 Winter Olympics. There, she and partner Benjamin Agosto won the silver medal in ice dance. They were the first American ice dance team to medal at the winter Olympics in 30 years.

Tanith's mother, a costume designer and figure skating coach, encouraged young Tanith to train in both pairs and ice dancing. Unable to find a partner in either figure skating discipline, Tanith moved with her family to Detroit, Michigan, where she partnered with Ben Agosto. They had immediate rapport, and soon became close friends off the ice, as well as a dynamic, charismatic and popular ice dance team.

Benjamin Agosto was born was born January 15, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, and began ice skating at age 6. At the novice and junior levels, he skated with Katie Hill, before partnering with Tanith. While training and competing as Belbin and Agosto, this talented young man also played in his high school jazz band, and graduated with honors from high school.

Belbin and Agosto have only been skating together since 1999, but had instant success in competitions, winning the bronze medal at the U.S. Nationals junior figure skating championships their first season, and later the gold medal in 2002. Entering the senior ice dancing ranks, they won U.S. Nationals three times (as of fall 2006), and won both silver and bronze at the World Championships in 2005 and 2006. During the current 2006-2007 Grand Prix competitions, they won a gold medal at Cup of Russia.

When the competitive season ends, Belbin and Agosto skate in the Champions on Ice figure skating show tour. Their coaches are Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva. Their 2005-2006 competitive programs included Let's Get Loud chacha, and Jaleo by Louis Winsberg. Two of their programs in 2006 - 2007 are Concierto para Quinteto by Astor Piazzolla and the Overture from That's Entertainment.

Last update November 29, 2006
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