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Ilia and Katia
Katia Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik
copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks

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NEW! Marshalls Figure Skating Competition Photos, December 2006

Over one hundred new photos from the Marshalls figure skating competition December 10, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. Over 40 Sasha Cohen photos, plus Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir, Emily Hughes, Kimmie Meissner, Katie Taylor, Belbin and Agosto, Inoue and Baldwin. Most photos are now viewable via my new Marshalls Skating 2006 index page on my Windweaver site.

This is an index of 1000+ of my ice skating photos - from Evening with Champions, Champions on Ice, Stars on Ice, Boston Ice Chips, Improv Ice, ISCC Simsbury shows, Marlboro MA and other 1998 - 2005 figure skating shows. I am only photographing the Marshall skating competition in 2006, but will also have new photographs for a few skating shows by spring 2007.

Note also that pictures are now on four sites - Windweaver, Webwinds, Webwinds at 50megs.com, and (while in process) in my Smugmug photo gallery.

ENJOY these photos, and please respect copyright. Photos may not be copied or reposted without permission.

Sasha Cohen
Sasha Cohen, COI 2002
copyright 2002 by Tracy Marks

Pictures from Recent Figure Skating Shows

Marshalls 2006 Figure Skating Challenge
Evening with Champions 2004, 2005        Stars on Ice 2004, 2005
Ice Chips Boston 2004, 2005 (listed under individual skaters only)
Champions on Ice 2005      Champions on Ice 2004
Evening with Champions 2003

Simsbury Expressions on Ice 2003 with Sasha Cohen
Champions on Ice 2003      Ice Chips 2003
Marlboro Aug 2002 with Alexei Yagudin
Marlboro Sept 2002 with Sasha Cohen
Champions on Ice 2002

NOTE: This web site is being redone in December 2006 and
skating photos are being reorganized. The skating shows above
which are not linked to pictures on this site will soon be linked.

About Ice Skating Photo Sales

4x6 Skating Photos 2006-2007   UPCOMING SELLOUT SALE
My figure skating photography has been a hobby, not a profit-making business. Although I have in the past sold selected figure skating photos directly and from my Ebay seller pages, I am not in winter 2006-7 reprinting most photos. Rules in regard to the use of photography at many shows have become restrictive in recent years, and I abide by them.

I have in the past however had arrangements with a number of figure skating shows to do photography for them for free in exchange for the right to sell my photos to pay off expenses, and these photos I have freely sold as long as I have them in stock.

I may be selling out most my skating photo stock, and having a BIG SALE (over 50% off) in early 2007 on the more than one thousand 4x6 photos I still have available.

8x10 and 11x17 Skating Photos
At the request of figure skating fans, I am considering making a limited number of 8x10 or 11x17 of about 10 of my best photos available for sale as of late December 2006 or January 2007. I will post such information here if and when I decide to do so.

Ebay Figure Skating Photo Sales
A limited number of figure skating photo sales may begin again under the name of Torreyphilemon on Ebay from late December 2006 - May 2007. Please note: I am only able however to sell select photos for shows and events where I am an official photographer, or where there are no restrictions in regard to photography.

Please contact Tracy for further information on usage of copyrighted photos or photo sales.


Ladies Figure Skaters

Sasha Cohen
Olympic Medalist

Sasha Cohen, Marshalls 2006 NEW!
Marshalls, Practice and Rehearsal
Marshalls, West Side Story
Marshalls, God Bless America
Sasha Cohen photos, Marshalls intro
Sasha Cohen, Marshalls 2005
Sasha Cohen, Champions on Ice 2004, 2005
Sasha, Simsbury 2003

Sasha, Champions on Ice 2003
Sasha, Champions on Ice 2002
Sasha, Marlboro, MA 2002
Sasha, Champions on Ice 2001

Michelle Kwan
Olympic Medalist

Michelle Kwan 1998-99
Michelle Kwan in Marshalls 2005 NEW!
Michelle, Champions on Ice 2004-05 NEW!
Michelle, Champions on Ice 2002
Michelle, Champions on Ice 2001

Michelle, U.S. Nationals 2001
Michelle, Champions on Ice 2000
Michelle, Champions on Ice 1999
Michelle Kwan 1998
1994 Michelle Kwan photo - RARE!

Katia Gordeeva

Katia Gordeeva (75+ photos)
Katia, Celebration of Ice 1999
Katia, Holiday Spectactular 1999
Katia, Stars on Ice 2000

20+ Katia and Ilia together
from Stars on Ice 2000 Boston
Katia and Ilia together
from Stars on Ice 2000 Providence
14+ Katia and Ilia
from Stars on Ice 2000 Providence

Kristi Yamaguchi
Olympics gold

Kristi Yamaguchi at Stars on Ice
SOI 1998, 1999 and Improv Ice
Kurt, Kristi and Katia
Kristi, Boston Stars on Ice 2000
Kristi, Providence Stars on Ice 2000
Kristi, Stars on Ice 2001

Tara Lipinski
Olympics gold

Tara Lipinski
Tara, Evening on Ice 1999
Tara, Stars on Ice 2000 Boston
Tara with Kurt and Ilia
More Tara with Kurt
Tara, Stars on Ice 2000 Providence
Tara, Stars on Ice 2001


Oksana Baiul
Olympic Gold

Sarah Hughes
Olympic Gold

Nicole Bobek
Worlds Champion

Oksana Baiul
98 Evening of Champions and
Champions on Ice 1999 and two 1994 Oksana!

2000 Champions on Ice
Evening with Champions 2003
Expressions on Ice, Simsbury 2003

Sarah Hughes at Nationals (10 photos)
Champions on Ice 2002

Nicole Bobek photos
Champions on Ice 1999
Champions on Ice 2000
Champions on Ice 2001
Champions on Ice 2002
Champions on Ice 2003

More Women Pros

Roz Sumners

Nancy Kerrigan

Dorothy Hamill

Caryn Kadavy

Roz Sumners
From her last Stars on Ice
Roz at Celebration of Ice

Nancy Kerrigan

Champions on Ice 2000
Champions on Ice 2001

Dorothy Hamill at Champions on Ice

Caryn Kadavy, Ice Chips 2001
Evening with Champions 2003

Recent U.S. Women Competitors

Featuring National Silver
and Bronze Medalists
and Current 2006-2007 Competitors

More coming in December 2006!

NEW!   See 50+ photos of current ladies competitors
with skater biographies in my Womenskate gallery

Kimmie Meissner
Kimmie at Evening with Champions 2005

Kimmie, Marshalls 2006 NEW!

Emily Hughes
Marshalls 2005

Alissa Czisny   18 photos
Evening with Champions 2005
and Marshalls 2005

Naomi Nari Nam
(now a pairs skater)
Ice Chips Boston 1999
Evening with Champions 1999
Now a Pairs Skater

Jennifer Kirk
Marlboro, MA 2000
U.S. Nationals 2001
Ice Chips 2001

Angela Nikodinov
Nationals Exhibition 2001
Nationals Long Program
Angela at Ice Chips Boston

Ann Patrice McDonough
U.S. Nationals 2001
Champions on Ice 2003

More U.S. Nationals 2001 Skaters
Beatrisa Liang
Ye Bin Mok
Amber Corwin Nationals 2001
Amber COI 2005

Ladies International

Miki Ando 
21 photos + brief skating biography NEW!
Miki at Ice Chips Boston 2005

Elena Sokolova 
Champions on Ice 2004
Champions on Ice 2003

Irina Slutskaya
Olympics silver medalist
More Irina photos coming soon
Early Irina photos
Champions on Ice 2003

Lu Chen
Lu Chen photos

Maria Butyrskaya
Assorted skating pictures
Marie, Celebration on Ice

Surya Bonaly
Surya assorted
Surya, Champions on Ice 2002
Champions on Ice 2003

Lucinda Ruh
Evening with Champions

Fumie Suguri
Champions on Ice 2003

Yuka Sato
Ice Chips 2002
Stars on Ice 2001

Irina Grigorian, Hoopgirl
Champions on Ice 2003


About Champions on Ice

The Tom Collins CHAMPIONS ON ICE figure skating tour features many Olympic medal and World Champions including Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Irina Slutskaya, Evgeny Plushenko, Anissina and Peizerat, Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, Kimmie Meissner, and Totmianina and Marinin. In 2007, Olympic gold champion Shizuka Arawakawa is also performing in select cities. Look for the complete cast list on their Champions on Ice skaters pages. The tour usually includes shows in several dozen cities from April - July each year. Skating show tickets usually go on sale early in the year from the the Champions on Ice web site, and at Ticketmaster. Be sure to order your tickets months in advance if you want to sit close to the ice.

nicolephilippe72619b.jpg (13789 bytes)

Nicole Bobek and Philippe Candeloro,
copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks

kwan68428b.jpg (14554 bytes)

Michelle Kwan, copyright 1999
by Tracy Marks

Copyright Notice:
These photos were taken primarily at Champions on Ice, Stars on Ice, ImprovIce, Boston Ice Chips, Evening on Ice, Evening with Champions, ISCC Simsbury shows and U.S. Nationals. They are copyright 2005 by Tracy Marks,and may not be duplicated without permission. Website owners however may use two photos on their web site as long as they include my copyright notice and a link to this site, and contact me to ask permission. For more information, please contact Tracy Marks

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