Tara Lipinski
Olympics Figure Skating Champion

Evening of Ice, Marlborough, MA, September 1999
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Where is Tara Lipinski now?

Tara Lipinski became a professional ice skater after winning the 1998 Olympics. Although she first appeared with the Champions on Ice figure skating tour, she soon joined Stars on Ice as a regular member of its cast.

Because she was considerably younger than the other skaters and appealed to a different audience, and because her hip injury influenced her reliability skating in the shows and cooperating in group numbers with the other skaters, Tara found her Stars on Ice years to be not only hectic but also interpersonally difficult. She wrote on her web site about her two Stars on Ice years, "It was really hard those last two years of touring for me. Emotionally I was drained and hurt. I have never been treated like that in my whole life."

Tara has not been skating professionally since 2006, but she continues to pursue occasional acting and charity ventures.

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