Boston Ice Chips 2003
Skating Club of Boston April 5-6, 2003
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Photos of ChengJiang Li   Brian Boitano

Ice Chips

Young skaters in Annie
Young skaters in Broadway Waltz
Emily and Shep Holt, skating in their 55th Ice Chips!

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Ice Chips 2002 photos

Ice Chips 2001 photos

Please note: The photos posted here are not meant to portray all
the marvelous skaters participating in Ice Chips 2003. Apart from the featured skaters,
photos of local skaters were selected primarily on the basis of the quality of the photo!

Melanie Drothseth
Ice Chips

Melanie Drogseth (2)
LouAnn Donovan
Galler-Rabinowitz and Mitchell

LouAnn Donovan
Gleason and Toth

Stephen Carriere

Ice Chips

LouAnn Donovan
Gleason and Toth
Stephen Carriere
Jason Wong
Linda Fratianne

Scott Smith

Scott Smith

Ice Chips Brian Linda Cheng

John and Leah Shesler

Ice Chips Finale - Scott Smith, ChengJiang Li,
Linda Fratianne, Brian Boitano
Broadway Waltz: Leah and John Shesler,
Jamie and Bill O'Brien

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