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Philippe Candeloro,
copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks

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Photo Copyright Notice:

These photos were taken for personal use, mostly at Champions on Ice, Stars on Ice,  ImprovIce (Worcester, Ma.), Ice Chips (Boston), Evening on Ice (Marlborough, Ma.) and Evening with Champions (Cambridge, Ma.), and ISCC Simsbury shows. They are copyright 2005 by Tracy Marks,and may not be duplicated without permission. For permission to use or post a limited number of pictures, please contact Tracy Marks.

Photo Purchasing Information:

Interested buyers of ice skating photos may contact me From December- May, I sell a small number of skating photos at Ebay auctions http://www.ebay.com (in sports, memorabilia, ice skating), listed under the  name torreyphilemon or on my Ebay About Me page. I also have a dozen 8x10s of top skaters such as Sasha Cohen and Michelle Kwan available for sale again beginning in December 2006. For further information, contact Tracy Marks

NOTE: This web site is being redone in November-December 2006 and skating photos are being reorganized. More current photos will soon be linked here, old information updated and new information added about ice skating shows, events, tickets, tours and television schedules. A Frequently Asked Questions section will also be added in December.


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About my Skating Photography

I've used a Minolta Maxxum SLR camera for skating photography since 1997, using it with a 100-300 zoom lens, best aperture 4.5 and as of fall 2000, also a 90-210, aperture 2.8 zoom lens. My seats at shows vary, and are usually between the 3rd and 20th row. Only at local shows can I use a monopod. I used a monopod and no flash. (Never use flash!). In 2005 I bought a Konica Minolta A200 digital camera for my nature photography, but it is not fast enough nor does it have a wide enough aperture or big enough zoom lens for high speed figure skating photography in a dark skating rink.

SOI pictures were scanned on a Hewlett-Packard scanner at either 100dpi, 150% of size (later reduced to 75 dpi) or 75 dpi, 100% size. I scan Champions on Ice pictures at 150 dpi and 100% or 150% of size, then reduce them to 75 dpi later.

Using my Photoshop skills (I teach Photoshop, Web Design and Internet courses), I sharpened, color corrected, cropped and in some cases enlarged pictures. In my opinion, the most useful tools in  Photoshop for retouching photos are:image, adjust, levels, output slider (lightening blacks and darkening whites), image, adjust, color balance (for adding green to the deep reds to mute them!), and filter, sharpen, unsharp mask (for sharpening faces).

The gamma (brightness of midtones) for the pc is 2.5, and for the Mac, 1.8. Therefore, pictures prepared on a pc are too light on a Mac, and pictures prepared on a Mac are too dark on a pc. In Photoshop, one can adjust gamma in file, color settings, monitor setup. I prepared my photos at gamma 2.3.

I am available for in-person and long distance Photoshop and web design instruction, consulting and site development. Information about my skills and courses is available at my Windweaver Web Resources site at http://www.windweaver.com/, where I also have dozens of pages of resources for the Internet and web design. (Do note: The sites I develop professionally are quite attractive. I have limited time to do many of my own sites, and so apologize for their slapdash nature!).

I hope you enjoy these photos. These skating shows were a joy to watch....and preparing the pictures for the Web only prolongs the experience, and provides the satisfaction of sharing....

Tracy Marks, Arlington, Massachusetts

My Favorite Figure Skaters

My favorite figure skaters of the past decade are: Sasha Cohen, Anissina and Peizerat, Paul Wylie, Alexei Yagudin, Kurt Browning, Joe Sabovcik, Evan Lysacek, Katia Gordeeva, Lang and Tchernyshev, Drobiazko and Vanagas, Denkova and Staviski, Roca and Sur, Shen and Zhao.

My favorite performances include: Carmina Burana (Anissina and Peizerat), Antares (Kurt Browning), Parisienne Walkways (Lang and Tchernyshev), Miss Saigon, One Moment in Time, JFK (Paul Wylie), Carmen (Evan Lysacek's Olympic free skate), Purple Rain (Emmanuel Sandhu), Romeo and Juliet (Sasha Cohen), Winter (Alexei Yagudin), 1492 (Hartshorn and Sweiding), Bolero (Torvill and Dean), Dying Swan and Arabian Nights (Oksana circa 1994), Casi un Bolero (Ilia Kulik and Katia Gordeeva, their first program together at Stars on Ice).

For me, 1992 -1994 were the golden years of figure skating. In addition to Paul Wylie, I was enamored with Klimova and Ponomarenko, Usova and Zhulin, and Mishkutenok and Dmitriev. I also loved the jazz/blues performances by Hough and Ladret and Underhill and Martini.

Artistry, drama, musicality, choreography, and emotional appeal are more important to me than high level technical skill. For that reason, I most appreciate ice dance.

copyright 2001  by Tracy Marks, Internet and Photoshop trainer, web designer
Windweaver Internet Training, Arlington, Massachusetts USA 
Phone: (781) 641-3371   

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