Irina Slutskaya 
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Irina, figure skater
Slutskaya Irina Slutskaya
irina70119.jpg Irina Slutskaya
Worlds Silver Medalist
Grand Prix Figure Skating Champion

Irina at Evening with Champions 
10/98 and 10/99

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Who is Irina Slutskaya?

Irina Slutskaya was born February 9, 1979 in Moscow, Russia. She won the bronze medal in ladies figure skating at the Winter Olympics in 2006, and the silver medal in 2002. Irina has also won the World Championships twice (as of 2006) and the European Championships seven times.

Irina Slutskaya is the first Russian woman to win a silver medal in ladies figure skating at the Olympics, and the first to win a European title, as well as the first woman to successfully perform a triple lutz, triple loop combination in competition.

A very popular skater in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Russia, Irina has frequently toured in the off-season with the Champions on Ice figure skating shows.

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