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Classical Gas            You've Got a Friend           Here Comes the Sun 
MacArthur Park       Joy to the World                Feelings 
You've Made Me So Very Happy          Unforgiven (Metallica) 
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Classical MIDI Archives
Classical MIDI Archives: Mirror 
Classical Music MIDI Page
Classical Music Connection 
Digital Renaissance Classical 
Frédéric François Chopin Page
IInternet Piano Page
Midi Farm Classical
Pachelbel's Canon 
Classical Guitar 
Classical Guitar Selections 


+Easy Listening, New Age

Midi New Age
John Roache's Ragtime Midi 
Mariah Carey

Mel Web Midi Sequences 
Medieval and Renaissance Midis 
Quality MIDI Christmas Songs 
Romantic Midis 
Tammy's Favorite Romantic Midis 


Country - Midnight
Country (Mining Company) 
Dick Anderson Country Guitar 
    also Dick Anderson's site 
Folksongs of the World 
Jim's Country Midi Links 

Midi Country and Western 
Songs of Texas
Jazz midi 
Jazz: Digital Renaissance

+Rock and Popular: Individual Artists
The Beatles (autoplay) 
Jack's Shack Beatles Collection 
Bob Dylan
Elton John         Candle in the Wind: Princess Diana 
Metallica Midi Page  

+Themes (Movies, TV, Broadway)

A2Z Movie Themes
Bluebird Of Midi
Broadway Show Tunes 
Broadway Hits 

Cheeraz's MIDI Page
Chuckie's Movie Midi Files OR
Chuckie's Movie Midis
Digital Renaissance Best Themes 
Disney Midi Themes
Film and tv Themes (Mining Co)
George Gershwin 
Hollywood Midi Index 
Jonathan Gurstelle's MIDI Page

Midi Archive Musicals and Movies 
Midi Movies
MIDI Parlour Themes 
MidiStudio Show Tunes and Movie Themes 
Movie Themes
Movie and TV Music (Mining Company) 
Musical Extravaganza

The Movie Wavs Page
TV and Movie Midi's
TV Shows

TV Themes - Midnight
TV Themes (Filecity)
Valkhorn Tv and Movies 
Very best MIDI - Movies Category 
Zee's Movie and TV Themes (links) 

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