Improv-Ice 1999: Worcester, Ma.
Elvis Stojko's Practice Time
Robin Cousins' Final U.S. Performance
copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks of Webwinds Ice Skating Gallery
Please do not reproduce without permission.

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Disclaimer: All photos were taken from very poor seats at
the end of the large Worcester Centrum arena, the opposite end
from the Improv-Ice stage and the skaters entrance onto the ice,
with a view partially blocked by the tv camera and four rows
of heads, so that I could only take photos when I could sit up
on my knees and focus through the narrow space between heads
in a stadium with such poor lighting that even 1600 film had
to be pushed two stops for the photos to turn out - photos
taken with my old, ailing 12 year old Minolta camera, zoomed
out to be about 200, and which jammed on every film and double
exposed the last few pictures of every roll (so that I lost all
the wonderful shots of Michael Weiss skating with his baby
during practice and most Caryn Kadavy photos)....

But given the above, these aren't so bad, are they?
Many more to come when I return from a week without
Internet access........

Tracy Marks

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