Stephane Lambiel
Olympics Figure Skating Champion

Ice Chips Boston 2005
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Stephane Lambiel

Stephane Lambiel

Stephane Lambiel

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About Stephane Lambiel

Stephane Lambiel, a Swiss figure skating champion known for his amazing spins and technically superior jumps, was born April 2, 1985 to a Swiss father and Portuguese mother. His coach is Peter Grutter, and his choreographier Salome Brunner.

Beginning his national skating career as Swiss junior men's champion in 1998, Lambiel became the senior men's champion in 2000, and qualified for the 2002 winter Olympics, where he placed fourth. He won the World Championships in 2005 and 2006, AND the Grand Prix final in 2006. His crowning glory was the silver medal at the 2006 Turino Winter Olympics.

Stephane is currently beginning the 2006-07 season with a gold metal at Skate Canada, and has plans to join the second half of the Champions on Ice tour in June 2007. His current season music includes The Four Seasons (Vivaldi), Poeta (Amigo), Fix You (Coldplay) and New Shoes (Nutini). During 2005-06, he performed to Malaguena, Dralion (Cirque du Soleil), You're Beautiful (Blunt) and Fix You.

Your photographer, Tracy Marks, spoke with Stephane Lambiel for awhile after the Ice Chips show and found him to be very friendly, warm and approachable. He is also impressive not only for his skating ability and good looks - Stephane speaks five languages fluently!

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