U.S. Nationals 2001
at Webwinds Figure Skating Photo Gallery
Photos  copyright 2001 by Tracy Marks  

This page is  in process. Photographer Tracy Marks  is scanning approximately 150 of her best  600+ Nationals photos.  See also the Nationals Exhibitions page HERE


Michelle Kwan 4 Practice photos HERE!
8 Long Program photos to be posted soon.
4 Exhibitions photos HERE!
Angela Nikodinov 16 Angela Nikodinov photos  HERE!
Amber Corwin 11 Amber Corwin photos HERE!
Sarah Hughes  
Jenny Kirk  
Ann Patrice McDonough  19 photos, 14 posted HERE!
(She's a beauty! Watch her....)
Beatrisa Liang 5 Beatrisa Liang photos HERE!
Ye Bin Mok 4 Ye Bin Mok photos HERE!


Todd Eldredge 6 Todd Eldredge photos HERE!
Michael Weiss  
Other Men Competitors  

Ice Dance

Lang and Tchernyshev 12  Lang and Tchernyshev 
at Nationals photos HERE!
Belbin and Agosto 20+ Photos coming soon!


Ina and Zimmerman  
The Hartsells  
Quigley and Cording 3  Quigley and Cording photos HERE!

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Competition photos were taken with a Minolta 700i camera, with 800 fuji film. When my seats were within 12 rows of the ice, I used my 100-210/2.8 aperture zoom lens. When I was further away (in the balcony for pairs short program), I used my 90-300/4.8 - 5.6   zoom lens.  Exhibition lighting in a dark arena with spotlights required 1600 film pushed one stop. Photos scanned here may also appear more yellow here than the original prints.

All photos are copyright 2001 and may not be reproduced without permission. 
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