Johnny Weir: Nationals 2001 Figure Skating

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About Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir was born July 2, 1984 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Newark, Delaware. A latecomer to figure skating, learning to ice skate at the age of 12, he began his competitive career as a pairs skater, then switched to singles skating, winning the World Junior Championships in 2001, when he was 16.

Johnny's colorful personality and outspokenness, as well as erratic skating performances due to both injury and his emotional temperament continually embroil him in controversy. But no one can seriously question his talent and dedication as a figure skater. He won U.S. Nationals gold in 2004, 2005, and 2006 (placing 4th then 7th at Worlds). In the 2006 Winter Olympics, he skated an impressive short program, but struggled in his free skate, resulting in a 5th place standing.

Johnny Weir's coaches most recently have been Priscilla Hill, Tatiana Tarasova and Marina Anissina; his choreographers, Marina Anissina, Evgeny Platov, and Tatiana Tarasova. His programs for the 2006-2007 season include King of Chess, Child of Nazareth, and Desert Rose.In 2005-06, he skated to The Swan, Amazonic/Hana's Eyes/Wonderland, Otonal, and My Way.

Since 2004, Johnny has been a regular cast member in the Champions on Ice skating show, which tours the U.S. from April - July each year. I recommend attending Champions on Ice each year, and suggest getting your tickets early, so as to be able to sit close to the ice and watch Johnny and more than two dozen of the world's leading skaters perform.

Off the ice, when not sparking controversy, Johnny expresses his "Russiaphile" interests (he is currently learning Russian) and inclination toward fashion design, which he may pursue professionally when he retires from ice skating.

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