The Odyssey: Characters

NOTE: This page was created as a resource for the Odyssey chats of Ancient sites, which folded in 1999. More Greek mythology resources by Tracy Marks (Torrey Philemon from Ancient Sites) are available here.

Encyclopedia Mythica - Odysseus
Odysseus and the Historians
Homeric Questions- Odysseus the Stranger
Odysseus, Greek Mythology Link
Odysseus king of Ithaca image
Odysseus strapped to mast image

Odysseus in Hades Map of the Underworld
Hell: Hades and the Lake of Fire
Tracy's Odysseus in Hades
Tracy's Even Odysseus Yearns poem

Other characters
Directory of the Gods and Other Unknowns
Encyclopedia Mythica - Telemachus

Blinding of the Cyclops image
Odysseus and Polyphemus image
Cyclops forging thunderbolts (Roman mosaic)

Cyclops image
Cyclops Study Guide
Encyclopedia Mythica - Article: Cyclops
Odysseus blinds Polyphemus image
frontispiece 15th century Aristotle's ethics
Polyphemos: Odyssey, Book IX
In the Cave of Polyphemus: Online Game

Women in the Odyssey

Diotima: Women & Gender (Ancient World)
Distaff: Females in the Odyssey
Encyclopedia Mythica - Article: Naiads
The Distaff Side: Female in Odyssey
Women in Homer
Women in Homer's Odyssey
Women in the Odyssey

Calypso & Circe (article)
The Oedeis: Calypso, Act 5
The Oedeis: Calypso (revised)
Torrey's Calypso's Isle

*Circe: Greek Mythology Link
Circe the Dread Goddess
Circe in Myth
Circe and Calypso, LeVann
Circe image

Circe and Men into Swine image

Odyssey Game: Penelope
Penelope and Alcestis
A Woman's Excellence
Penelope image
Penelope's Renown
Regarding Penelope
Daughters of Demeter.html
Encyclopedia Mythica - Penelope
Penelope to Ulysses (Ovid Heroides)

Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis
Encyclopedia Mythica - Article: Sirens
Odysseus and Sirens (3rd cent. mosaic)
Scylla being changed into monster (Bauer)
Scylla with lock of Nisus (Solis)
Sirens image

Perseus Vase: Munich 2322 Nausicaa
BOOK: Homer's Daughter
(Out of print, but available at Abebooks

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