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Chats conducted at Ancient Sites community in 1998-99.
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General Background
Homeric Questions - Discovery of Troy
Odyssey - Background
Odyssey Background -Detailed
Our Iliad chats at Ancient Sites

Background: Trojan war
The Fall of Troy (Smyrnaeus)
Trojan War: Greek Mythology Link
Troy Story 1996
Trojan Horse

Greek Myths
Classical Greek Mythology
Classical Myth: Ancient Sources
Encyclopedia Mythica
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
*Greek Mythology Link
Poseidon's Greek Mythology

Homer Links


Images: Miscellaneous

ODYSSEY: Study guides etc.
           Circe, Sirens, S& C, Calypso
Bulfinch Ch30 Return of Ulysses, Phaeacians
           Fate of the Suitors
Classics 160: Epic Tradition Study Course
Odyssey StudyGuide
Fitzgerald Study Guide to Odyssey

Poseidon's Odyssey Synopsis
Essay Topics on Odyssey
The Odyssey - Book One - Detailed
The Odyssey for Schoolchildren
Wanderings of Odysseus Study Guide
Teachers Tips: Teaching the Myths
Introduction to Latin Epics
Jean Houston's online Odyssey Forum
(related to The Hero and the Goddess)

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