Tracy Marks' exercises
Adobe Photoshop for Web Design: Lesson 3

Create an image, and save it in 3 or 4 different quality settings in Adobe Photoshop. Label each with its file size, and note any JPG artifacts in the image.

The biggest obvious difference was between the jpgs and the original tif, 480kb. In the original, the
dark bushes on the right still maintained some texture and were not as black. If I were to use this
image on the Web, I would therefore probably the crop the right side at least 1/4 inch.

       FOLIAG01.JPG   setting 1   16kb                         FOLIAG04.JPG   setting 4  24kb


       FOLIAG07.JPG   setting 7  38kb                        FOLIAG10.JPG   setting 10  93kb


Of the four jpg images as they appear on Netscape, there is little apparent difference except for:
1) speckling (jpeg artifacts) on the left side of the foliage at the 1 and 4 settings;
2) blurrier foliage at lower settings; the individual leaves are more apparent at higher settings,
    creating a progressively sharper image as the jpg setting increases.
3) the lowest settings, especially the 1 setting, appear particularly flat, whereas the higher settings
    seem to have greater depth.

The greatest difference appears to be between setting 4 (low/medium) and setting 7 (medium).
If I was not overly concerned about size, and the image would not appear at the top of the page,
I would use setting the 38kb file at setting 7 on a web page.

Here are setting 1 and setting 10 side by side.
TO TIM AND OTHER VIEWERS: Do you see any other apparent differences?

The only really noticeable thing that I can see that you didn't mention is that the red leaves on the side of the mountain in the background are pretty dull by the time you reach Q1. I find that the loss of detail especially obvious in the area between the guardrail and pavement...I might not have guessed that I was looking at trees between the two if I hadn't seen a better image.

       FOLIAG01.JPG   setting 1  16kb                          FOLIAG10.JPG   setting 10  93kb


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