Ancient Greece Map
Greece and Asia Minor

prepared by Tracy Marks for Ancient Greek Classics Discussions

Note distance between Athens (Athenae) and Troy (Ilium/Troia)

This ancient Greece map originated on the Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Web site  ( It has been copied, reused or redistributed  under the terms of IAM's fair use policy. Copyright 1998, Interactive Ancient Mediterranean.

This map depicts sites in and around Greece and the Aegean Sea mentioned in the 6th edition of Wheelock?s Latin. A larger pdf version can be downloaded here. More related maps of the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian world are here and at the links below.

Maps of Ancient Greece can also be found in these books available at Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece and The Penguin Historical Atlas of Greece.

Chronology for Iliad and Odyssey Study

BRONZE AGE (3000-1100B.C.)
c. 1800-1250   Troy VI
c. 1500-1120   Mycenaean Civilization
c. 1250 -1183   time period estimates for Fall of Troy

DARK AGES (1100-800)
c. 1100-750  Fall of Troy stories passed down in oral form
c. 1100   Doric Invasion of Greece
c. 1050-950   Greek colonization of Asia Minor (western Turkey)
c. 900 - 800 The beginning rise of the polis (city-state)

ANCIENT GREECE: Sophocles' Theban Plays
Written: 429-426 B.C.     Dramas Take Place: 1400-1200 B.C.

Ancient Greece/Thebes

Ancient Greece/Thebes

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