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Native American Pages
created for Ancient Sites

by Tika Yupanqui (Tracy Marks):
(here and at Webwinds)

Becoming Woman: 
Apache Female Puberty Ceremony
Apache Puberty Seminar Transcript

A five-part article (also in the Pac): 
Iroquois Dreamwork and Spirituality
Iroquois MidWinter Festival
Iroquois Myths and Legends

Joanne Shenandoah's Iroquois Music
(with two dozen real audio files!) 

Rima, Bird-Girl of the Amazon: 
Tika's Green Mansions pages

Incan, Andean, Peruvian Links

Recommended native South American books
The Spirit of Ancient Peru: Treasures
Moche Portraits of Ancient Peru
Treasures of the Andes
The Last Days of the Incas

Web sites
Cultures of the Andes: Andes.org
Machu Picchu: The Secret
The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
Andean Links
The Quechua Indians

Museo Larco Archaeological Museum of Peru
Anthropology Museums of Ecuador
Inca Son Musicians
Wayanay Inca Musicians
Four Winds: Inca Shamanism
Peruvian Shamanism (Ayahuasca)

Ascinsa Peruvian Art
Peru Photographs
Ecuador Explorer
Incan City Cusco
AeroPeru (Machu Picchu)
GORP Ancient Andes and M.P.

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Torrey Philemon's Muses:
Ancient Greek Resources

Native American Resources
Native American Art Links
Prehistoric and Native American novels


Images adapted from these sources: 
Peruvian Mochica sculpture: Unknown 
Mayan background: Clip Art Castle
War arrow: SilverHawk Graphics
Mayan sculpture: Clip Art Castle

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In Quechua, T'ika means flower
and Yupanqui means unforgettable!

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