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Ancient Sites
The first eight books
led by Torrey Philemon
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Second Odyssey Chat
Books 9-12
led by Asterix Flavius

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compiled by Tracy Marks

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Odyssey: Reading
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Study Guides, Background
Background: General
Background: Trojan War
Greek Myths
Miscellaneous Images
Ancient Greek Ships, Sailing and Maps
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Odysseus: Odysseus
Odysseus in Hades
Odysseus and Heroic Myth
Other Characters
Women in the Odyssey: General
Calypso and Circe
Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis

More Resources
The Movie: NBC's Odyssey
Discussion, Chat, Mailing Lists
Other Odyssey-related Literature
Cdroms, Quizzes, Games

Torrey's Odyssey Journal
Books 1-8
Books 9-12
Books 17-24

Calypso's Isle
Calypso: Odysseus' Experience

Tracy's Even Odysseus Yearns poem

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Tracy's Even Odysseus Yearns poem


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