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Personal Pages and Web Sites for Class Critique

       Personal Best:      Paperwork Diary     Jan's Page    
Ellen's Place
              A Hole in the Dark      The Mix Site      Wiley's Home Page
              Richard Bach     John's World     Scout World (Dog Page)   
              Soliloquy: Julia      Personal Web Pages

       Information/Galleries/Public Service: Sullivan's Scanning    Photo Tips
               Kurt Ross Transcendent Nature     Artemisia, Renaissance Artist  
            Webb'd Feat     Best Sites for Children      Travel to Russia  

            M. Browning's Movie Page        Stimulus       Mythopoeia
               Dr. Ruth Online    Webwinds Web Cards   Poole Tourism
              The Cone Liberation Society      World Conference on Science
              Questacon Technology Center     Ham TV Online (Hamsters)         

       Business:   Gypsy Moon      Penguin Classics     Patricia Fripp  
            Davilojo African Textiles      Pearl Sales Training University  
            Digital Think Training      Constantia Kloof Motors    
            Fortress Web Design        Selendy Web Design        Dogz  
               Allen Interactions      Scriptorium Fonts    Hippies PantyHose
               Bear Rock Cafe Deli       Roz's Job Hunting

NEW! Winners of the 5kb Web Page Contest:   All HTML, script, image,
style, and any other associated files must collectively total less than 5 kilobytes
in size and be entirely self-contained (employing no server-side processing).

TOP FIVE: 5k Contest Home:
Dining Table
Draw a Nimal
Princess Rain

Web Color Visualizer
Smallest Art Museum
Calendar/The Days
Five-K Gallery

Bad web pages?  There is at least one major problem with each
of these sites (however some have been improved since this list
was created!):    Computers Made Simple       Nancy's Page 

           Jim Jacobson's Page      H Publications       Pi Day  
           Starship Titanic      Jimbo's Clean Laundry      Orion Books 
           Reflection Page   Naomi Home Page   The Mars Face

            See: Useless Business PagesOther Sources of Uselessness,
           Webworst,   Yahoo's Worst Pages Links

     Image Study:  Moondance   Virtual Vineyards    Image-x   
             Indiana University      New England Biolabs
        Johnson and Johnson    Women's Wire
             Vision Office Products    Bob and Tom    Women of Country

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