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Tracy Marks' Internet Bookmarks

Art and Museums

         *Carol Gerten's Fine Art Gallery      * Sistine Chapel
         Peabody Essex Museum    Web Museum     Web Museum2
         *WWWVLibrary Museums:   World U.S   U.S.2      Smithsonian
         Museums on the Net (left ) or General Museum Resources
           Mark Harden's Art Archive     MFA    EXPO Online Art
         SF Museum of Fine Arts      Gateway to Art Museums
           WWArt Resources     Art Museum Net     ASCii Art

Books, News, Magazines
 Books    AbeBooks Out of Print Books
         Online Books     Tracy's/Torrey's Online Book Links
|          MacMillan Bkshelf at Informit     Newsdirectory Magazines

         Excite Live News      Excite Newstracker    Crayon.Net
         Boston Globe      Flying Inkpot Newspapers     USA Today
         Newstrawler News     Yahoo News     Ecola Newsdirectory
          Newspapers Online   CNN       New York Times (register)
         PR Newswire     Associated Press    Newslinx     MSNBC News
         ABYZ New Links    CNN Financial News     NewsPage
         AmCity Business Journals    Windweaver Newspaper Search


Computer/Internet Basics

CNET   Zdnet Computer Resource Center    ZdNet Tip Zone
No Wonder Tech Support     Help Talk      CNet's
Modem Help Org     Newbie Net     Newbie Tutorials
WWW Workbook     Newbie University     Web Novice

Net Surfer Digest     My Yahoo Home Page      Earthlink
Internet Glossary     WebWinds Internet Class Notes

Windweaver Windows Manual    Windows Explorer
Internet Maps1      Internet Maps2       Choosing a Provider
Windweaver Search Pages       Windweaver Search Links



         Brint Directory      Yahoo Directory    Looksmart Select
         Infoseek Directory    Encyclopedia Brittanica's Ebig
         Virtual Reference Desk    Mining Company/
         Snap.Com     Open Directory

 Web100       Web21 Top 100      100 Hot Web sites
 Windweaver Search Links      Search Tool Reviews

Email Communication

         Electronic Postcards    Toonogram     Internet Card Central
         E-cards     Blue Mountain Arts Cards     Web Ventures
         Webwinds Webcards - Guide to Top E-card sites!
         Windweaver Emoticons     Eudora


       Internet Movie Database         Mr. Showbiz
        Box Office Online       Juxtaposeur Movie Reviews
        Star Seeker Movie Stars     Moviefone Local Movies     Movie Review Search     Drew's Script-O-Rama

        Entertainment Weekly       TV Guide Online       A&E
        PBS     WGBH-Boston      Discovery Channel       Disney
        All Music Guide        All-Music Guide
        Music Link Central    BMG Classics World      CDNow


HealthFinder       HealthScout       Mayo Health Oasis
Complete Home Medical Guide    AMA Health Insight
Medline Access       Medline at HealthGate    Rx Drug List
Dr. Felix Free Guide to Medline     Medscape
Achoo      About.Com Health Guides    Dr.Koop
Combined Health Information Database     WebMD
Health World Online   HealthA2Z     Medicine.Net
Nat. Institute of Health     GriefNet


         Dilbert Zone       Dr. Seuss     Snoopy's Doghouse
       Comedy Central Online       DOGZ: Your Computer Pet
         Jay Leno's Tonight Show        Laffatorium       The Onion
         United Media's       Garfield       Doonesbury      Cathy
         Oracle Humor      The Haiku Generator    Steve Martin

        Tech Tales    Dave Barry in Cyberspace       Rec.Humor.Funny
         Obsolete Computer Museum      Computer Stupidities's Humor Site      Jokes to Go Humor Links
         Starting Page Best Humor Sites      Netguide Humor Guide

Job Resources About Work    Monster Board     Career Path
Career Mosaic    Career Web     America's Job Bank     Tech Job Engine    Lycos Career Guide
Employment Resources      What Color Is Your Parachute?

K12 Teaching Resources
See Tracy Marks' K12 Link pages



WWW Virtual Library       Infomine     IPL Reference Desk
Directory of Network Resources      Argus Clearinghouse
U. of Ca. Berkeley Library     Library of Congress
Library Spot       Librarian's Best Information
Digital Librarian    CARL Database        BUBL
Voice of the Shuttle Humanities Research


Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

            Tilenet Mailing Lists, Newsgroups        Liszt Mailing Lists
            Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists       Yahoogroups Mailing Lists
         Google/Dejanews Newgroups
         Forum One Message Boards    Tourbus Mailing List   
         Windweaver Search Pages


Miscellany: Recommended Sites

Abbington Village 
N.England Shops
Nine Planets Astronomy
American Memory Online Groceries  Peapod: Stop and Shop (Boston Globe)  Parenthood Web
CBS Sportsline Pitsco's Ask an Expert
CNN TV News Senior.Com (Over 50)
Digital Boston (Yahoo)  Talk City Chat
Ebay Auction US Gen Web: Genealogy
Eastman Kodak Company Virtual University
Electronic Zoo  Weather Channel
Ellis Island Records Webwinds WebCards 
Epicurious Food Online White House World Gen Web: Genealogy
Hubble Telescope (NASA)  
Keirsey Meyers Briggs Test Personal sites by Tracy 
Kelly BlueBook: 
Used Car Values
Figure Skating photo gallery
Learn2.Com Ability Utility Nature Photo gallery
MapQuest (A.S. Celebration of Women)
Maps on Us Tika Yupanqui: Ancient Sites
Mental Health Net Torrey Philemon: Ancient Sites
National Geographic Online Torrey's Web Page Index

People  Search

         Switchboard     BigFoot    Worldpages      World Email
           Internet Address Finder     Infospace     Yahoo People Search
         WhoWhere     Database America       People Find      555-1212
         World Alumni Net     Online Telephone Directories
         Windweaver Search Pages

Search Engines

        Northern Light                                 AltaVista advanced search
        Excite                                                   Google            Hotbot              
          All the Web Fast Search                    All the Web Adv. Search
          Webcrawler                                        MetaCrawler Multisearch
        Inference Find Multisearch                     Dogpile Multisearch
        Metaplus Metasearch                         Profusion Multisearch

          Search Engine Colossus International Search
          Specialty Search Engine Link               Complete Planet
          Guide to Specialty Search Engines     Special Search Engines
        Internet Sleuth                                     SearchEngineWatch
        The Invisible Web                                        HotSheet

       Boolean searching Tutorial    Finding it Online Tutorial
        Windweaver Search Helper          Windweaver Search Tools
       Windweaver Search Links          Windweaver Search Pages

Software Downloads, Support, Tutorials etc.

  Tucows       Dave Central    Stroud's
  Microsoft    Netscape    Netscape Plugins     ZDNet Downloads
  Windweaver W95 Manual

            Service 911   Online Tutorials  Compuco Training Links
             Software Tutorials    PC Show and Tell     HelpTalk
          ZDU Smartplanet Online Courses


MapQuest    Amtrak    BizTravel     Expedia      Travel Bid
Travelocity    TravelNow     CityNet    CitySearch     PriceLine
Best Fares       Snooze You Lose Fares
One Bargain Travel   Airlines of the Web     WebFlyer
Travel Now        Preview Travel     Internet Travel Network
Fodors    Frommers     Foreign Languages for Travelers
RecTravel     ParkNet     Gorp Outdoor Recreation

Other Class Resource Pages

*WEBWINDS: Tracy's Online Course Notes
Webclass Guide      Webclass     Choosing an ISP     
Winzip/Norton       Web Design      Photoshop

*WINDWEAVER Search Tools
Windweaver Web Resources   SearchLinks page
Search Guide: Search Engine Syntax      Search Help page
Search Directories, Search Engines, Libraries
Windweaver's Search Resources Bookstore

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Tika Yupanqui: Ancient Sites   Torrey Philemon: Ancient Sites

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Tracy's new Best of Free Electronic Cards: 15 pages!

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