Anissina and Peizerat
Winter Olympics 2002 Gold Medalists
Champions on Ice 2005

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Anissina and Peizerat
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About Gwendal: Gwendal Peizerat has been skating since age four, and learned ice dance soon after, coached by Murielle Boucher-Zazoui who is still his coach thirty years later. Marina Morel was his first partner in ice dance competitions; they were 3rd and the 1990 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, and 2nd in 1991.

Peizerat was still skating with Morel, when he received a letter of inquiry from Marina in Russia, who was seeking a partner; he didn't respond until he and Morel split up. Marina traveled to Lyon to meet and skate with Gwendal, and they decided to try their partnership despite a number of difficulties - one of them being that she only spoke Russian and he only spoke French.

Gwendal is multi-talented; he has earned two college degrees while competing as a figure skater, rock and mountain climbing around the world, and now working in sports marketing and management. His father, Eugene Peizerat, is chairman of the National Ice Dance Commission is an official in the French Figure Skating Federation and chairman of the National Ice Dance Commission.

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