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Belbin and Agosto, copyright 2006 by Tracy Marks

Current Ice Dance Competitors

Belbin and Agosto
Belbin and Agosto at Nationals 2001
New Belbin and Agosto 2004-05

Gregory and Pethukov
G&P at Evening with Champions 2004

Stiegler and Magerovsky
At Evening with Champions 2005

Matthews and Zavozin
At Evening with Champions 2004, 2005

Galler-Rabinowitz and Mitchell
At Evening with Champions 2004, 2005

Pro Ice Dancers - U.S., Canada and England

Lang and Tchernyshev, Evening with Champions 1999
Lang and Tchernyshev, U.S. Nationals 2001
Lang and Tchernyshev, Champions on Ice 2002
Lang and Tchernyshev, Champions on Ice 2003

Roca and Sur in Stars on Ice

Punsalan and Swallow, Champions on Ice
Punsalan and Swallow, Champions on Ice 2002
Punsalan and Swallow, Champions on Ice 2003

Bourne and Kraatz, Champions on Ice 2002
Bourne and Kraatz, Champions on Ice 2003

Torvill and Dean

International Ice Dancers - Recent Competitors

Anissina and Peizerat
NEW!A&P at Champions on Ice
Over a dozen gorgeous photos!

Drobiazko and Vanagas at Simsbury, 1999

Fusar Poli and Margaglio, Evening of Ice 1999

Grushina and Goncharov

Chait and Sakhnovsky, Lobacheva and Averbukh

International Ice Dancers - LongTime Pros

Usova and Platov, Evening of Champions 1998
U&P, Champions on Ice 1999
U & P at Evening on Ice, 1999
U&P, Evening with Champions, 1999
Evening with Champions 10/99

U&P, Lace up for Leukemia 2000
U&P, Champions on Ice 2001
See also 1996 Usova and Zhulin 1994

Klimova and Ponomarenko
Several dozen K&P photos 1998-1999
K&P, Champions on Ice 1999
Klimova and Ponomarenko 1996

Krylova and Ovssianakov

Shishkova and Naumov, Simsbury, 1999

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Figure Skating Photo Information
I have done most of my figure skating photography in New England, at shows rather than competitions - Champions on Ice and Stars on Ice, Evening with Champions and Boston Ice Chips, and at ice skating shows in Marlboro, Ma. and Simsbury, Ct. Competitions include Improv-Ice (in the 1990s) and currently Marshalls Figure Skating Challenge.

Often I am an official photographer for an ice show, with a press pass which entitles me to a seat in the center first row (and the rights to sell my photos), but other times I buy ice skating event tickets like everyone else and may sit as far back as the 12th, which is more difficult for photography. Currently I use a Minolta 7 camera with 1600 film and a 210 or 300 zoom lens. My Konica Minolta A200 digital camera is not capable of such low light, high speed photography.

ice dance

Figure Skating Photo Purchases
Select figure skating photos (from shows without photography restrictions or where I have an arrangement to photograph the show/event for free in exchange for free use of my photographs) are occasionally for sale on my Ebay page or can be purchased directly depending upon existing stock. I rarely however have photos reprinted, and not all photos I posted can legally be sold. Inquire by emailing Tracy Marks.

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Anissina and Peizerat, 2005
copyright 2005 by Tracy Marks

What is Ice Dance?

Ice dance is a form of figure skating involving a man and woman skating together to the rhythm of music, in the manner of ballroom dancing on ice.

Unlike pairs which involves many acrobatic "tricks", throws and above-the- head lifts, ice dance depends upon close dance holds, intricate footwork including "twizzles", synchronized spinning close together, and expressive interpretation of the music. Ice dance partners are expected to maintain a continuous flowing connection to the beat of the music, and may not separate or stop on the ice for more than 5 seconds.

Ice dance competitions have three parts - the compulsory dance, in which all teams skate to the same music; the original dance, in which a specific dance form is required (such as waltz, or rhumba) but teams may choose their own music; and the longer and more creative free dance, in which partners have more flexibility in choosing their music (vocals allowed) and ice dance steps, although there are specific requirement for the number and kinds of lifts, spins, twizzles and step sequences.

Ice dance did not become an Olympic sport until 1976, but soon reached its moment of glory with Torvill and Dean's gold medal (six 6.0s) Bolero performance at the 1984 Olympics. Recent Olympic winners in ice dance include: Navka and Kostomarov (2006), Anissina and Peizerat (2002), Grishuk and Platov (1998). For the first time in thirty years, the U.S. medalled at the Olympics in ice dance in 2002 - Belbin and Agosto won the silver medal.

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