Pairs Figure Skating Photos

copyright 1998-2005 by Tracy Marks
Berezhnaya skating
Berezhnaya and Sikhularidze

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Pairs Figure Skating Photos

1998 - 2001, copyright 2002 by Tracy Marks
2002-2006 will be listed here by January 2007

Current and Recent
Pairs Competitors

NEW! Vlassov and Meekins 2005

Totmianina and Marinin
at Champions on Ice 2003

T&M at Champions on Ice 2004
T&M at Champions on Ice 2005

Berezhnaya and Sikhularidze COI 2000
B&S at COI2001

Inoue and Baldwin, Sale and Pelletier
to be posted late December 2006

Previous Pairs Competitors

Meno and Sand

Ina and Zimmerman
I&Z, Nationals 2001

Brasseur and Eisler

Kazakova and Dmitriev
K&D, Champions on Ice 2001
K&D, Champions on Ice 2003

Leonova and Khvalko
L&K, Evening with Champions 2000

Hartshorn and Sweiding

Shishkova and Naumov

Eltsova and Bushkov

The Protopopovs

Bechke and Petrov
Celebration of Ice 99
B&P, Stars on Ice 2000
     B&P, Holiday Spectacular

The Stieglers
Stieglers at Nationals 2001

The Hartsells

Hartsells at Nationals 2001

About Pairs Figure Skating

Pairs skating involves a woman and man performing single figure skating moves (such as step sequences, jumps and spins) side by side and in unison AND specific pairs movements. The most common elements characterizing pairs figure skating are: throw jumps (the man throws the lady into air), lifts (he holds her over his head), twist lifts (lifts in which she over his head, then he places her back on the ice), death spirals (he swings her nearly horizontal to the ice), and pair spins (holding each other, they spin around the same axis).

In figure skating shows, pairs skaters may perform dramatic and dangerous moves which which are banned at the Olympics, Worlds, U.S. Nationals and other competitions - such as the headbanger (the man swinging the woman by her legs) or the Detroiter (man lifting her by her legs while spinning).

About Figure Skating Shows

I do my figure skating photography at skating shows and competitions within two hours of Boston - usually Evening with Champions in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Ice Chips with the Skating Club of Boston, and skating shows in Marlboro Massachusetts and Simsbury, Connecticut. Often I am an official photographer for these shows, and able to sit in first row seats. .

When photography is allowed, I take pictures of skaters at Champions on Ice and Stars on Ice. Stars on Ice tours occur from late November - early April of each year; Champions on Ice, from early April -midsummer. Pairs skaters in the Stars on Ice since 2000 have included Sale and Pelletier, Ina and Zimmerman, and Meno and Sand. Pairs skaters in Champions on Ice have included Berezhnaya and Sikhularidze, Sale and Pelletier, Totmianinina and Marinin, Kazakova and Dmitriev, Inoue and Baldwin Jr.

In order to sit close to the ice, I try to buy my tickets as early as possible, but often end up in the 10th row or further back and have to rely on a 300zoom lens to get closeup pictures. I use a Konica Minolta SLR camera, as I have not found digital cameras adequate yet to take high speed action pictures in the dark and at a distance.

More Skating Photos
A limited number of my skating photos (those which I have in stock and can legally sell) are occasionally listed on my Ebay auctions from December to May each year.

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