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Stiegler and Magerovsky, Ice Dance

U.S. ice dance competitors Stiegler and Magerovsky have been ice dancing partner since 2004, when Tiffany Stiegler switched from pairs figure skating (with her brother Johnny, then briefly Bert Cording) to ice dance.

Tiffany Stiegler (born January 14, 1984), who is from southern California, says of her figure skating, "I feel like I'm like a racehorse," she said. "I can't wait to get out there on the ice. Every opportunity that I have to get on the ice and do a dance program, I get so excited. It's just so much fun. I miss skating with my brother, but Sergey is amazing to skate with. I've wanted to dance since I was six years old."

Sergey Magerovsky (born September 17, 1980) is from Russia, where he skated with his wife-to-be Rebecca Magerovsky before the couple applied for a U.S. visa and moved to the U.S. in 2002. When Sergei and Rebecca decided to stop skating competitively together, Sergey teamed up with Tiffany in summer 2004, partnering with her at the Lake Placid Ice Dance competition in August. In 2005, Stiegler and Magerovsky placed 4th at U.S. Nationals Championships; in 2006, they placed 6th. in 2006. Sergei married his wife Rebecca in May 2005, and received his U.S. citizenship (along with Denis Petukhov and Tanith Belbin)in December 2005.

Stiegler and Magerovsky are coached by Nikolai Morozov and Shae Lynn Borne. They are currently active competitors in U.S. ice dance, and also perform occasionally at ice shows, such as Evening with Champions.

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